Mark LaFlamme
Mark LaFlamme is a crime reporter and columnist at the Sun Journal in Lewiston, Maine. He is the author of the novels "The Pink Room," "Vegetation," "Delirium Tremens" and "Dirt: An American Campaign" as well as the novelette "Asterisk: Red Sox 20...
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  • Education Con-nec-tion

    You just know that the people who created this ad wanted to illustrate that cool and sexy people need college, too. Some need a college that will let them in regardless of prior academic record, criminal history or the fact that they are presently stoned on crack.

  • viral

    Conseco Vs. Bonaduce

    And in this corner, one-time Partridge kid, one-time dope addict transvestite killer Danny Bonaduce! He climbed his way out of the gutter to become a ubiquitous, never-say-die host of various television specials who refuses to go away. How can you not cheer for this dude, who has achieved stardom through sheer grit in place of talent? And in the opposite corner, no doubt hiding chloroform soaked pads and Fuji salt under his robe, Master of Cheating and Ratting Jose Conseco! He’s got the tats and the shrunken roid testicals, but does he have the street skills to take on Bonaduce?

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