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15 Things All DFW Metroplex Moms Know To Be True, Y’all

The only thing suburban about us is our cars.

1. Driving 100 miles a day is no big deal. (Especially when your SUV is as big as many NYC apartments.)

2. But driving in a parking lot? Not likely.

Pediatrician? Valet. North Park? Valet. Charity meeting? Valet. Soccer practice? A mom can dream.

3. You have your mom squad — and y'all roll deep.

4. And when things start to get real tense in your crib, they're always down for a trip to Hawaiian Falls.

5. You know the healing powers of shaved ice.

6. You've squeezed in an extra workout just to lift your kid's mum.

7. You've thrown elbows at the school silent auction trying to win that — ahem — "beauty" certificate.

It's for a good cause!

8. Visiting the museum at least once a year is a definite must.

Can't let that membership go to waste!

9. Your handbag is littered with 14 pairs of princess and superhero shades.

Whelp. Anything to protect them from ☀️☀️☀️.

10. It's true. You've forced your kids to endure a sweat sesh while you get the perfect Dallas Arboretum pumpkin patch photo.

11. But sometimes? "Momming" can feel like a competitive sport...

Are we raising kids or competing for a gold medal?

12. Seriously, everyone has stunning baked goods!

13. And — yeah — you've certainly felt judged by other moms.

14. But you've learned to spin that shade into something positive.

15. (And the occasional Mambo Taxi doesn't hurt.)

Metro Moms, meet Market Street: the answer to your grocery shopping prayers and home of your next food-related obsession.