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5 Ways To Get Those Darn Treat-Or-Treaters Off Your Lawn

Have you ever had a Halloween in which you didn't have to deal with those annoying, snot-nosed brats in costumes begging for teeth-destroying sweets? Want to have all the candy to yourself this year? Here are some ways you can stop those trick-or-treaters from coming before they ring your doorbell.

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1. Motion-activated sprinklers

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Make it rain on those little rascals whenever they set foot on your precious property. Once they see their costumes wet and their candy bags soaked, they'll know who not to mess with.

2. Hire a clown

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It's 2016, the year that America became terrified of clowns. By hiring a clown to stand in your lawn, you'll not only scare kids, but those rotten teenagers as well. Just be prepared to deal with the consequences if the cops get called on your clown!

3. Dig a moat

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What did castles do to keep enemies out during Medieval times? They dug moats! Dig a moat around your house or apartment (with permission from your landlord, of course) and make trick-or-treaters think real hard about whether to go for a swim or not. Just pray that none of them dress as Aquaman or The Little Mermaid.

4. Raise bees in your front yard

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Again, it's 2016, which means that these little stingers are all starting to die. Their extinction would lead to no honey and no plant pollination. But still, that's not the the point. By raising bees in your front yard, you'll not only be scaring off trick-or-treaters, but you'll be saving the world. It's a win-win (well, maybe not for the trick-or-treaters)!

5. Do it the old fashioned way

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Not feeling up for doing extra work? The old fashioned way works just fine, and it's only four simple steps: inhale, look at those trick-or-treaters straight in the eye, point at them menacingly, and then scream, "You darn kids get off my lawn!"

Now we ask you: which method was YOUR favorite? Do you have other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

Oh, and have a Happy Halloween!

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