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    This Disturbing Collage Drawn By A Child Asylum Seeker Will Give You Chills

    "Fuck my life." WARNING: Contains disturbing illustrations

    The collection of drawings by the child detained on the Nauru detention centre includes stick figures hanging, cut wrists and what appears to be a caricature of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

    The collage is one of more than 200 submissions made to the children in detention inquiry currently being undertaken by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

    Many hand-drawn images have been released but the one above is the most violent, crude and nightmarish of the drawings.

    Men, women and children are sent to the Pacific Island nation by Australian authorities when they attempt to seek asylum via boat journey.

    TRANSLATION: "You cannot live here, even for one day."

    There are dozens of children currently being detained in Australian off-shore detention centres in Nauru, Manus Island and Christmas Island.

    TRANSLATION: "We have no cameras here to take films. We are suffering here, as the marquees have no air-conditioning and it is very hot. We also have no water at times. I am under-aged. I am 16 years old and I want to be free of this life. This is our lives."

    Data from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection shows 128 children in detention self-harmed between 2013-14.

    TRANSLATION: "Suicide of Children under the age of 18."

    If asylum seekers who arrive by boat have genuine refugee claims they are not settled in Australia, but sent to other Pacific nations.


    "You can help us, but you only pretend that you want to help us."

    "I cannot help you I have no ladder."

    At a public inquiry last month, evidence was presented alleging a Government cover-up of children suffering mental issues

    Pictures leaked last year show Nauru to be hot, sparse and uncomfortable for children.

    TRANSLATION: "Nauru"


    "Everyone here is depressed."


    Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he would not give in to "moral blackmail" in response to reports asylum seekers were committing acts of suicide at the centres.

    TRANSLATION: "I am such a dog that I will not retract my words. The people of the world are not important to me, even the people of my own country."

    Australia's Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs is calling for all children and their families to be moved to the mainland while their asylum claims are being processed.

    TRANSLATION: "We have come from poverty to hell. Is this a great country?"

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