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Someone Thought It Would Be A Good Idea For Theresa May To Stand In Front Of Some Bricks. It Was In Fact A Bad Idea.

She's got her back to the wall, you see?

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Prime minister Theresa May set aside Monday morning for a big speech about housing, aimed at getting on the front foot with voters who want to buy their first home.

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May talked about increasing housing supply, while also taking time to swipe "nimby councils" and the fat bonuses paid to property developers for making it harder for young first-time buyers.

Naturally, May's media team decided to stage the occasion on the set of a Pink Floyd music video, with a clear brick theme.

Theresa May: “There’s nothing inherently wrong with renting your own’re not less of a person for doing so.”

One problem: On TV, those bricks looked like they were swallowing the prime minister.

The set design for Theresa May's speech kinda looks like something I would have designed using WordArt for a powerpoint presentation during an IT class in secondary school.

All the bricks weren't even the same size! Who built this brick lectern?

"We want a backdrop for a speech that suggests 'building'." "How about some bricks?" "Bit obvious, but OK. Now, what about an idea for the lectern?" "How about.... some bricks?" "It's your last week isn't it?" "Yup." "It'll do."

It was probably a great idea when it came up in the media team's strategy meeting.

backdrop designer: 'that's enough bricks, I think' podium designer: 'oh no it's not'

In practice, not so much.

The possibilities for topical metaphors were endless.

Twitter says it makes her look like she's standing in a chimney

Even the Liberal Democrats were building on the meme.

All in all you're just another brick in the wall

It's never a great sign when that brickpocalypse isn't even your worst backdrop-related fail in the last six months.

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