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Ed Miliband Would Rather Lose The Election Than Deal With The SNP

"It's not going to happen".

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Ed Miliband has made the clearest statement yet that Labour will not make a deal with the SNP to form a government.

Miliband was grilled repeatedly on the BBC's Question Time about whether he would deal with Nicola Sturgeon to form a coalition or a minority government in the days after next week's election.

"We're not going to do a deal with the Scottish National party," he said. "We're not going to have a coalition. If it meant that we weren't going to be in government, not doing a deal, not being in a coalition, then so be it."

Moderator David Dimbleby then pushed Miliband to clarify the specifics, saying, "You'd rather lose office?"

"If the price of having a Labour government was a coalition or a deal with the Scottish National party, it's not going to happen," he replied.

Labour is facing an SNP landslide in Scotland and one person said something everyone was thinking.

"Does that rule out a future Labour government, because you're not going to win the most seats in the UK?"

It was pointed out by many people that it might not need to be an explicit deal, since the SNP would surely let Labour form a government rather than let the Tories back in.

Miliband doesn't need a deal with SNP. They won't oppose the Queen's Speech and let in the Tories. Trust me, I'm not a politician. #bbcqt

I think Miliband has left himself some room with that 'SNP' stuff. He said he wants to put forward a Queen's speech. SNP can back it.

It's simple: a Labour minority puts its Queen's Speech and Budget to the House. The SNP & others either back it or they don't #bbcqt

But Ed seemed to be sticking to his guns.

I want to be completely clear: there will no coalition and no deals with the SNP. #bbcqt

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