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Australian Jihadist Calls Arrest Warrant "Bloody Unreal" Before Being Kicked Off Twitter

"Bloody hell become a terrorist... wat a ripper bloody unreal".

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Australian Mohammed Elomar sparked international condemnation when a photo of him brandishing two heads appeared on Twitter last week.

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Reportedly posted by fellow Australian Khaled Sharouf to the social media site, the picture was one of a series of gruesome photos of the men posing with beheaded corpses of Syrian government soldiers.

According to ABC News, the duo have been leading an English-speaking unit within the Al-Qaeda linked ISIS fighting in Iraq and Syria.

The Australian Federal Police yesterday issued warrants for their arrests.

BuzzFeed contacted Twitter about the account @Abuhafsashami and whether Australian authorities had asked for it to be shut down. Twitter subsequently suspended the account this morning.


A spokesman for Twitter released a short statement:

"We do not comment on individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons."

He referred BuzzFeed to a Mashable article posted two weeks ago about reports that U.S. authorities want ISIS fighters to keep tweeting.

The Twitter spokesman called it, "an interesting perspective".

He would not confirm whether Australian authorities had a similar view on ISIS fighters' social media activity.

On ABC's 7:30 program on Tuesday night, Australia's Attorney-General George Brandis spoke about the need to detain and investigate the Australian ISIS fighters who had been involved in recent conflicts in Iraq and Syria.

ABC 7:30

Australian Federal Police Counter-Terrorism Chief Neil Gaughan told ABC both men will be arrested on return to Australia.

"As soon as they set foot on Australian soil they will be taken into custody," said Mr Gaughan.