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This Sums Up How Muslims Are Treated On TV News In 2017

"Well I am asking you to repeat them."

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The second figure is the former speaker of the Australian parliament Bronwyn Bishop, whose taxpayer-funded flight on a helicopter erupted into a scandal known as "choppergate", which resulted in her losing her job and being dumped by her party.

On Tuesday night Husic and Bishop appeared together on Sky News, with the former speaker asking the current Labor MP whether she could pose a question. Husic was game, even giving her a little pat.


Bishop replied, "Well make some now", and Husic was like, are you for real?

Sky News

Fellow panelist Dee Madigan chimed in with, "Oh Ed, you’re personally responsible for speaking out on all issues of Muslim terrorism".

BuzzFeed News spoke to Husic in the wake of the exchange, who said the problem with Bishop is that she wasn't actually posing a question.

"It wasn't a question being posed, it was a statement being made, cloaked as a question," Husic said. "Implicit in the question is the view I haven't done enough to speak out against extremism.

"Just because some people couldn't be bothered to find out what I've said, and how often I haven spoken up against extremists, doesn't mean I haven't said anything at all.

"By the way, if someone has a handy guide to help me [understand] what 'speaking up enough' involves, then let me hear what that is."

Husic added, "I'd hope by the time I've reached the end of public life people can judge me kindly on what I've done to bring people together, not split them into camps that are fearful and distrusting of each other."

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