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18 Times Election Leaflets Failed So Hard They Almost Won

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1. Conservative party MP Matthew Hancock found out that you have to be careful how leaflets look when folded.

Unfortunate fold in Tory Matthew Hancock's election leaflet for West Suffolk

2. Then there's UKIP, who need to go back to the policy drawing board.

@worthingukip #confusion for Tim.Cross Ukip PPC for #Worthing West

3. This Lib Dem bar graph has no sense of proportion.

Returned home to a mathematically incompetent @LibDems bar chart. It must be election time.

4. But the biggest problem in this election (and probably every election ever) is SPELLING.

Conservative leaflet through the door. Lovely spelling error in the education section. Sad when budges are slashed...

5. This one to.

6. And if you're going to ask people to vote for you, best to spell the place right!

Thank you for your letter @David_Cameron. Perhaps next time you could spell Southampton ItchEn correctly? #poor

7. Time to rethink this whole triple-lock thing, Lib Dems.

Horrible error on this lib dem leaflet I've received

8. It’s awkward when there's bad spelling in the jobs section.

Seems the @libdems spelling is no better than @UKIP and the leaflet is about education.

9. There's just so many spelling fails it's hard to keep up, tbh.

Good to see that Labour ran their leaflet through a spellchecker before sending it out...

10. *head desk*

Lovely Lib Dem flyer: "Trust us instead! Although admittedly we can't even spell 'economy'":

11. And when it's going to be blown up into a banner, CHECK THE SPELLING, SUE!

Sue Arnold, the Conservative candidate in Walsall South, has this poster. Spot the mistake. Via @Trumpton_Orange

12. Sometimes the leaflet just gets bored and stops mid-sente...

@michaelmeacher next time you make a leaflet to send out you may want to read it first. Feel sorry for Atif!! #Fail

13. It really is a common prob...

Leaflet fail for my local @UKLabour party, @HallGreenBLP. An unfinished sentence (Make....) & unattributed quote.

14. There's that time the Lib Dems subconsciously became another coalition: THE LAB DEMS!

@_youhadonejob Lab Dem? Local party flyering fail! (Or secret release of pre-election coalition negotiations!)

15. But putting together election leaflets can be hard. There are just so many boxes to fill out.

@telfordlive perhaps we have to help @trinagilman with a strapline as @TandWLabour seem to be struggling #leafletfail


Just glanced at #Election2015 leaflet that arrived yesterday #Labour

17. And sometimes the placeholder text makes more sense than the political slogans.

This Tory leaflet is my fav #fail of the campaign so far. Although no Latin scholar, I can spot the error...

18. It's been a tough election! Give Name Surname a break!

Just stay cool and calm, because everyone is trying their best.

Coffee Shots: Election fatigue sets in via @spectator

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