Shocking Image Of Australian Boy Holding Decapitated Head Provokes Outrage

“That’s my boy.”

1. A photo that reportedly shows the 7-year-old son of an Australian jihadi holding the head of a Syrian fighter has been uploaded to Twitter sparking widespread condemnation.

The Australian / Via

The image showing the boy holding the severed head with two hands was posted by Khaled Sharouf last week.

According to The Australian, the picture was taken in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa and was accompanied by the text “Thats my boy!”

Sharouf has been leading an English-speaking unit within the “Islamic State”, fighting in Syria, and using social media platforms to regularly post pictures of severed heads of government forces.

2. It shocked the Australian public on Monday morning when the photo appeared on the front page of The Australian with a full report of Sharouf’s social media activity.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the photo is “more evidence of just how barbaric (ISIL) is,” while the Defence Minister Sen. David Johnston linked the publication to the need for new counter-terrorism laws to fight so-called home grown terrorists.

“I’m obviously revolted by that and it underscores the importance of the counter-terrorism laws we are seeking to enact,” Sen. Johnston told ABC News.

7. There were some people who criticised the image being published by The Australian.

Oh FFS, @australian. The image you used on your front page is a dime a dozen atm. But you just wanted to use it for a political agenda

— Asher Wolf (@Asher_Wolf)

8. Among those included high-profile British MP Tom Watson.

Hello @rupertmurdoch, The front page of The @australian has a picture of a child holding a decapitated head. How do you feel about that?

— tom_watson (@tom_watson)

9. Sharrouf (right), who has an Australian arrest warrant in his name, has posted pictures of his children brandishing guns in front of “Islamic State” banners.

The Australian / Via

10. Twitter had already suspended Sharouf’s account for posting pictures like the one below.

The Australian / Via

11. UPDATE: British newspaper The Sun published the image on the front page of its Tuesday edition. Both newspapers are owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

GRAPHIC WARNING: Aussie jihadists son holding head is front page of UK Sun newspaper, Tuesday.

— Hugh Whitfeld (@hughwhitfeld)

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Mark Di Stefano is a political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.