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    Updated on Dec 6, 2019. Posted on Jun 25, 2018

    15 Beaches In The Philippines That Are Much Better Than Boracay

    There's more to Philippine beaches than pure white sand.

    News of the sudden closure of Boracay saddened beach-lovers all over the world. More tragic still is the lack of certainty re: when it will be reopened.

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    But don't worry. The Philippines has other beaches that are equal, if not better than Boracay. Summer ain't cancelled just yet.

    1. Calaguas

    Kc Ochoa / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: exquisitesunshine

    Head on over to Calaguas in Camarines Norte if you miss Boracay's fine white sand beaches.

    2. Great Santa Cruz

    3. Caramoan

    Fabio Achilli / Creative Commons

    Camarines Sur's Caramoan is home to several picturesque beaches, coves and pristine waters. It is popular for being the site of several seasons of the reality show Survivor. It might get crowded though, specially in the peak season.

    4. El Nido

    Andy Enero / Creative Commons / Via

    Want a little adventure? Visit El Nido to find its hidden beaches and caves that are reachable only by boat.

    5. Apo Island

    Klaus Stiefel / Creative Commons / Via

    The more adventurous ones can try diving in Apo Island in Negros Oriental, so they can witness the rich biodiversity under its waters.

    6. Siargao

    HopeHill / Creative Commons / Via

    Those who thrive on action need to visit Siargao in Surigao del Norte. It is considered as the country's surfing capital, so don't forget to bring your surfboard.

    7. Gigantes Islands

    8. Panglao

    Henk van Kampen / Creative Commons / Via

    Not really aiming for an action-packed summer? Just go to Panglao in Bohol for less-tiring activities like dolphin watching and island hopping.

    9. Kalanggaman

    10. Anawangin Cove

    Allan Ascaño / Creative Commons / Via

    Anawangin Cove in Zambales is another scenic spot that can help you relax. Camping is the norm here, so come prepared. Cellular reception is almost non-existent, so you should clear your mind and just listen to the waves.

    11. Camiguin

    Allan Ascaño / Creative Commons / Via

    Looking for something unique? Visit Camiguin for attractions like the old sunken cemetery, which went under water when a volcano erupted in 1980.

    12. Bucas Grande

    13. Siquijor

    Allan Ascaño / Creative Commons / Via

    Take the time to learn the mysteries of Siquijor's beaches. You'll esaily be captivated—the Visayan province is said to be home to mystical creatures and other sorcery.

    14. Sabtang Beach

    15. Valugan Beach

    Eisen Jiao / Creative Commons / Via

    Still looking for something different? Then take yourself to Valugan Beach (also in Batanes). Its shore is full of smooth boulders, instead of sand, so you're sure to get a unique experience.

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