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A Westworld Theory About... Maeve

This post is more of a thing to point to IF this theory comes true. Maeve has been a character that I've consistently thought about, as she is one of the only main characters that has not revealed a significant or major plot twist, but this is central to all other characters in all timelines. That got me thinking what if...

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Maeve is William / The Man in Black's Wife

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In order to accept this theory about Maeve, you have to be on the The Man in Black is William train. There is a lot of evidence to support this: Delores' history with him, the identical knives, the fact that he and Logan were considering investing in the park 30 years before, William's dramatic knife killings in episode 9, etc.

So, what does this have to do with Maeve? In the latest episode and in the current timeline, The Man in Black tells Teddy that his wife had committed suicide and that his daughter told him he was horrible to her. In order to test how horrible a person he could be, approximately a year ago, The Man in Black killed a mother and a daughter in Westworld. The mother was none other than Maeve who was in a previous story/role before being reassigned as the proprietor of the brothel a year later. However, would this really be that much of a test from the current Man in Black -- to kill a random mother and daughter in Westworld? He was close to killing Lazlo's wife and daughter without any emotion a few episodes ago.

My theory is that utilizing his power as a Westworld board member, The Man in Black commissioned Ford/Westworld to create replicas of his wife and daughter to see if he had enough darkness inside him to ever kill his own family. Therefore, in this theory, Maeve is William's wife.

The largest counterpoint to this theory is the picture of William's fiance which can be found below. However, I would point out that William does not look much like The Man in Black, but has become accepted as the most logical solution. And we also don't know for sure if William does marry Logan's sister after the past timeline is complete. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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