21 Times Dressing For The Season Didn't Go As Planned

    A closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear.

    1. In the summer, it seems like there is no outfit that keeps you cool enough.

    2. Yet when you're inside, no outfit keeps you warm enough.

    3. Every piece of clothing is hell-bent on embarrassing you.

    4. While shorts may SEEM like a good idea, you may be in for a world of pain.

    5. The expectations for a fashionable summer wedding are totally unreasonable.

    6. Or, you live in a part of the world where the idea of fun summer fashion is just a myth.

    7. But then as soon as it actually gets hot and you've adjusted, it's time to pack it in.

    8. But autumn is honestly the season when you can enjoy the best clothing choices.

    9. One could argue that perhaps it's TOO nice.

    10. Your only problem may be there just isn't enough velvet.

    11. Or there just isn't enough plaid.

    12. You've been desperate for dark tones and layers.

    13. Except when a heatwave returns right after you've packed away all your cooler outfits.

    14. And your plans for all those cute clothes go out the window.

    15. Then the winter season comes equipped with only impractical socks.

    16. Trying to dress for a workout can become problematic very quickly.

    17. You know you have to bundle up, but it can backfire.

    18. Layers come with their own mess of problems.

    19. And any hope for both warmth and style just melts away.

    20. Then when it gets warm again your problems start all over.

    21. Basically there just isn't enough room in your budget to prepare you for everything the weather throws at you.

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