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    This Is What The Cast Of 'Arthur' Would Look Like Gender-Swapped

    What a wonderful kind of day!

    Buster / Bessie Baxter

    Buster would've been great as a girl — she would have inherited her mother's fantastic ginger hair!

    Muffy / Duffy Crosswire

    Duffy would be quite the dapper, sophisticated heir to the Crosswire empire. Think of him like a young Niles Crane.

    Alan / Allison "The Brain" Powers

    Let's hear it for Allison, the lady-Brain! Girls can rock academics too!

    Fern Walters

    Fern would make an adorable bookworm-boy-dog.

    Shelley "Binky" Barnes

    Technically Binky already has a feminine name, so it's a perfect fit! Curvy girls represent!

    Mr. / Ms. Ratburn

    Hmmm, Ms. Ratburn somehow looks significantly more comfortable as a female.

    Francine / Frankie Frensky

    It's easy to forget Francine is a monkey with that hair covering her ears!

    Dora Winifred / David Winston "D.W." Read

    Isn't it easy to see D.W. being just like your adorably irritating little brother?

    Arthur / Anna Read

    Arthur's iconic look also looks great on a girl aardvark. How many little girls with glasses would've identified with the character more?