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Benefit Concerts For Homeless Veterans

Being a homeless veteran is more common than we realize. Benefits concerts are a way that we can raise money while getting the community involved.

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Homelessness is a very common problem around the world as well as the US.


Our society may be well aware of street beggars, but less aware of the fact that veterans make up 8.8% of the population. While 8.8% of veterans are homeless, 1.4 million are at risk of being homeless.

How do we eliminate this problem? It doesn’t just fix itself nor go away overnight, but we can raise money and awareness to heal this problem. One solution to this problem may be benefit concerts. Many artist sell out shows for their own benefit but what could they do if they did it for the benefits of others? This is how it would work. Aligning artist that are willing to participate is the first step. Knowing that a new organization that has just started, can't realistically get someone like Justin Bieber. Starting with local bands can be easier. In some cases you may be able to get semi popular groups that can bring a decent size crowd. The proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the organization. The money will be able to go into food drives, clothing, and building more shelters.

The first step to a solution is always admitting there is a problem. Though benefit concerts may be a step towards a solution, we must understand exactly what problems we are trying to solve within the homeless veteran community. First, 45% of homeless veterans are African American and Hispanic. Secondly, like I stated earlier 1.4 million veterans are at risk of homelessness. This is due to lack of support, living conditions, and overcrowding housing. This problem can be eliminated by starting a nationwide support system. If you’re thinking how anyone could allow their loved one to be homeless, we have not understood many circumstances. Many veterans have come back from war with many mental disorders including PTSD. PTSD can make a person very dangerous and violent and therefore, very hard to handle. This is especially true when you have children living in the house. In addition, veterans are offered very little support systems when they return from war.

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