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7 Things Pageant Girls Understand

if you've been in pageants, you know the ins and outs of backstage and the responsibilities and shenanigans us girls deal with so gracefully. here are some of those shenanigans.

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1. Butt Glue


It’s your best friend and your worst enemy. Get it in the wrong places and you’ll be sorry, but if you don’t use it, you may show the audience a little more than they signed up to see. Getting that stuff off… that’s a whole different story. Better ditch the baby wipes and go for the WD40. You know you’re a true pageant sister when it’s okay to help a girl out and glue or un-glue her butt for her. That's friendship right there.

2. Fake lashes


You love the way they look, but hate the way they make your eyes feel after a while. I mean come on, they make your eye feel super heavy and blinking becomes an exercise. Back up a second, it’s also a talent to get them on evenly. Half the time its about gluing and re-gluing. Also, trying to get that eyelash glue off your lids can literally take days too. And if you forget to put them away (if you’re re-using them) chances are you’ll freak out if you see them lying somewhere because those buggers look like spiders!

4. “One More Time”


When you’re rehearsing an opening dance number but all you want to do is lay on the floor. Then your choreographer tells you that you’ll be running through it one more time, but you know that translates to 572 times… and yes, you must keep those 6 inch heels on too. Chin up, princess!

6. Interview


You know you have to be prepared for any question. Literally anything. From “What’s your favorite color and why?” to “Name three steps we can take in order to solve our current political issues” you better be ready to explain. Oh and you have like 30 seconds. If you don’t know an answer, just don’t let your face show it - smile!

7. Crowning Moment Feels

Doug Curran / Photo by: Doug Curran (furtograf / Via

Anticipation and pain (from wearing high heels all day) overwhelm your body as you stand on stage holding fellow contestants’ hands and trying to smile without your cheek muscles twitching. There can only be one winner, and you are hoping so hard that it’s you. And then it happens. All your hard work has paid off. There may be tears along with signature poses - hand over heart, pointing up at God, jaw drop etc - you know the usual stuff. But that moment is yours, and it’s glorious. So go ahead, ham it up.

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