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5 Things You'll Understand If You've Directed A Show

Fellow directors out there can relate.

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1. You cast your show with what you’ve got

You might not get someone to sign up that is your ideal If that means casting a tall Ariel and a short Prince Eric, then so be it. Not enough boys? Cast a girl as a male character. No biggie. Audience members will have to deal.

2. Your title doesn’t just include director

You become lights, sound effects, set-pusher, last-minute costume-fixer, prop-maker and finder, and expert/creative problem-solver. From a microphone switch, to costume change, to becoming the incredible hulk you never knew you could be to move that heavy set in under thirty seconds, your cast is impressed and so are you. Go ahead and add "professional multi-tasker" to your resume.

5. Opening night nerves are so real

All that hard work, blood, sweat and tears that you poured into the past several weeks is finally going to pay off…you hope. No one can approach you on show night because you’ve turned from Dr. Jeckyll into Mr. Hyde and everyone knows it. And when the finale is over, you can finally breathe as you see your cast take their bow on the opening night. Then the fear of the second-night curse replaces those opening night jitters. So good luck!.. I mean “break a leg!”

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