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How To Use Makeup To Turn Yourself Into An Instagram Filter

So you can use the #nofilter tag and actually mean it.

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The Tools You'll Need:

I used Le Maquillage Professional palettes by Maqpro Paris. These versatile wax based cremes can be used as foundation, concealer and corrector and can make your skin whatever insta-colour you dream of. The highlight/contour possibilities are endless.

Generally, I used Petite Fard Creme Palette in PP22 for the whites, blacks and natural blush and lip colours; Petite Fard PP01 for highlights; the Metisse Foundation Palette for that orange and yellow Instagram glow; and Asiatiques 1 to create amped up versions of my own natural skin tone.

These palettes are also amazing for every day use (when you're matching your real colouring), giving the face a flawless, airbrushed finish. Just make sure to set with finishing powder.

The mixer - which can also be used as a base - is great for thinning out the foundation and mixing colours when working on larger areas of the face. Use it to achieve the perfect consistency and colour.

To apply the base colour, I used Real Techniques' stippling brush followed by Wayne Goss' Brush #12 to contour around the cheekbones. To blend, I used Real Techniques' buffing brush.

When a filter called for that extra ethereal glow, 3CE's highlighter in Gold Pink mimics that soft, ambient lighting that keep selfie filter addicts coming back for more.


2. Earlybird Filter

Mari Santos

That yellowy, sepia faded nostalgic glow of early mornings is the aura of Earlybird. Using the Metisse palette, I did a foundation base in yellow, highlighting with white and contouring with peachy orange.


3. Nashville Filter

Mari Santos

Nashville's vibe is a washed out glow, with a pop of stronger colour on key facial features. To make that 2014 selfie look ever so vintage, a purply-blueish tint replaces darker colours.

I used the lightest shades to wash me out, then added extra colour to the cheeks and lips using corals and pinks.

4. Inkwell Filter

Mari Santos

Black and white was the hardest to achieve. In the flesh, you're dead, but in photographs, you're a moody, distinguished masterpiece. I used a grey/white base, accented with black lip colour and dark grey contours.

5. Mayfair Filter

Mari Santos

Mayfair is all about that warm pink-orange glow from within - a healthy tan with the best highlighting money can buy. I used the Metisse palette to create a darker, warmer skintone and highlighted using white, for extra contrast. With a heavy hand, I applied 3CE's highlighter on the bridge of my hose, forehead and cheeks for that subtle face vignette effect.