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    My Wife And I Planned A DIY Wedding During The Pandemic — In Just Five Days

    Warning: major cottagecore vibes ahead!

    A DIY-vegan-cottagecore wedding, in the middle of a pandemic? Oh, and we planned it all within five days.

    It sounds pretty chaotic, right? Just two weeks after my wife proposed, we decided to tie the knot.

    Marisa (left) and her wife (right) are kissing in front of a white backdrop. They are wearing wedding dresses, and strings of flowers and lights are behind them.

    Here's how it went down...

    As soon as we decided we were actually doing it, we started to come up with every feasible idea. Initially, we considered a quick affair in a courthouse, but we immediately learned that our township wasn't performing weddings during the pandemic.

    After a lot of consideration, and a few terrible ideas (I'm looking at you, drive-through chapel in Atlantic City), we finally settled on a backyard wedding. It helps that my in-laws have a truly enormous garden, so we knew there was plenty of scope to create the most magical evening.

    Things got pretty weird, pretty fast.

    The frame of a batting cage is filled with hay bales with blankets, and decorated with string lights and a white backdrop.

    We also had NO time to order anything, so another major project we had no choice but to undertake was baking our own wedding cake.

    A white cake, decorated with yellow edible flowers, orange and lemon slices, and green herbs.

    Making a bouquet is harder than you might think.

    Two bouquets of baby's breath and eucalyptus leaves. The stems of the flowers are wrapped in brown string. The top bouquet has a silver engagement ring and wedding band tied to it, and the bottom bouquet has gold rings.

    Conclusion: It was all worth it in the end.

    Marisa (left) and her wife (right) are grinning at the camera. They have jackets on over their wedding dresses, and are holding their bouquets.