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10 Roles In The Marine Corps You Didn't Know Existed

Every Marine serves a role that is critical to making an impact in the world. However, some Marines serve in roles you may not expect…

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1. Working Dog Handler

Police officers in the Marines can become working dog handlers, where their focus is employing service dogs on various crucial duties such as building searches, explosives detection, and searching for missing persons.

2. Musician

Courtesy of The http://U.S. Marine Corps / Marine Barracks Washington

Musicians in the Marine Corps field bands perform around the world, playing the full spectrum of ensembles, including ceremonial band, jazz big band, pop rock band, and brass and woodwind chamber. Sound good?

3. Pilot

Courtesy of The http://U.S. Marine Corps

Marine Corps aviation is unique in that it is completely integrated with the ground force — no other aviation force in the world puts so much importance on close air support. Pilots perform functions essential to Marines on the ground, including assault support, anti-air warfare, offensive air support, electronic warfare, control of aircraft and missiles, and aerial reconnaissance.

4. Journalist

Courtesy of The http://U.S. Marine Corps / Photo by Cpl. Nathan McCord

Have a knack for getting the inside scoop? Journalists in the Marines keep everyone up to speed on news events and features by producing programs for on-base radio and cable television, as well as producing media for civilian outlets.

5. Martial Arts Instructor

Courtesy of The http://U.S. Marine Corps / DVIDSHUB (CC BY http://2.0) Flickr: dvids

As a martial arts instructor in the Marines, one trains personnel in martial arts techniques while also providing instruction on such things as ground fighting, firearm disarmament, and the principles of core values as both a martial artist and a Marine.

6. Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician

Courtesy of The http://U.S. Marine Corps / Via

EOD technicians are responsible for duties such as identifying, accessing, and neutralizing a large variety of explosives including chemical, nuclear, and biological. This Marine role requires the mastery of core competencies including robotics, advanced electronics, and weapons of mass destruction.

7. Linguist

Courtesy of The http://U.S. Marine Corps / Cpl. Justin Wheeler

Language lovers can put their passion to good use as a linguist in the Marines — with over 50 languages to focus on, the linguist will provide crucial translation and interpretation in the full range of operational and intelligence matters in the military.

8. Judge Advocate

Courtesy of The http://U.S. Marine Corps / Via

Judge Advocates maintain their own caseload and advise their fellow Marines on legal issues while garnering experience in areas of practice such as criminal litigation, operational and international law, civil law, and more. Verdict: This role makes being a lawyer awesome beyond reasonable doubt.

9. Innovator

Courtesy of The http://U.S. Marine Corps / / Via NavyRecognition

An innovator at the Warfighting Laboratory strategically develops Marine Corps concepts through the combined skills of technology assessments, wargaming, and concept-based experimentation. The innovator will also rigorously test each concept and identify optimal ways to further develop Marine Corps force.

10. Role Model

Courtesy of The http://U.S. Marine Corps / Facebook: SEAL-Of-Honor / Via

Marines are deeply committed to bettering their local communities. Their active involvement often inspires and guides the people who know them best — their families, friends, and neighbors.