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What's Your Weirdest Hangover Cure? (I Must Know Immediately)

Asking for a friend.

I think we can all agree that hangovers are... the WORST.

But some people seem to be able to better deal with them than others. If you're one of the lucky ones, we want to know: What's your secret??

Do you swear by drinking pickle juice before you go to bed on those nights when you know you've drank too much?

Pickles in a glass jar with dill and garlic on grey table.

Do you soothe your hangover with a big bowl of take-out pho, or whip up some instant ramen?

Over-the-shoulder view of young woman eating traditional Vietnamese pho soup with chopsticks.

Or do you just listen to Adele on repeat while lying in the dark in your bed??

Either way, we need to know!

Tell us about your go-to ways for fending off or getting rid of hangovers in the comments below — show us photos of your anti-hangover creations if you've got 'em! — and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post. 🍻