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24 Super Cute Tattoos For People Who Are Slightly Obsessed With Food

Because even a pizza tattoo can be tasteful af.

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Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

1. For those who can't live without a good BBQ.

Instagram: @noamyonatattoos

3. And for those who just can't choose.

Instagram: @tah_ny_tattoo

4. For those who can't enjoy summer without a slice of watermelon.

Instagram: @sil_ink

6. For those who could eat pineapple all day long.

Instagram: @levishortbull

8. For those who live for good sushi.

Instagram: @trashflash666

10. And for those who just love fruits.

Instagram: @erinnmcintosh

11. For the doughnut enthusiasts.

Instagram: @sirena_86

15. For those who wish they were on vacation all the time.

Instagram: @flav_ink

17. For those who love taking care of their gardens.

Instagram: @fine

18. For those who think carrots are the shit.

Instagram: @marcel_blue

19. And for those who think artichokes rule the world of vegetables.

Instagram: @pokeeeeeeeoh

21. For those who know the value of a good baguette.

Instagram: @lovely

22. For those who think that good food = spicy food.

Instagram: @european