24 Super Cute Tattoos For People Who Are Slightly Obsessed With Food

Because even a pizza tattoo can be tasteful af.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

1. For those who can’t live without a good BBQ.

2. For the hamburger lovers.

3. And for those who just can’t choose.

4. For those who can’t enjoy summer without a slice of watermelon.

5. For the avocado fanatics.

6. For those who could eat pineapple all day long.

7. For the cheese worshippers.

8. For those who live for good sushi.

9. For those who prefer mangoes.

10. And for those who just love fruits.

11. For the doughnut enthusiasts.

12. For the bacon obsessed.

13. For the chocolate maniacs.

14. And for the ice cream junkies.

15. For those who wish they were on vacation all the time.

16. For the coffee devotees.

17. For those who love taking care of their gardens.

18. For those who think carrots are the shit.

19. And for those who think artichokes rule the world of vegetables.

20. For the breakfast addicts.

21. For those who know the value of a good baguette.

22. For those who think that good food = spicy food.

23. For the bakers.

24. And for the true chefs.

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