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    The Ultimate Ranking Of Summer Fruits

    All fruits are great, but which fruit is the best?

    17. Sour cherries

    Chengyuzheng / Getty Images

    They just too sour, to be honest.

    16. Blackberries

    Valeconte / Getty Images

    I used to pick up blackberries in my grandparents garden as a kid so I have a nostalgia-related fondness for them. That being said, they're just ok.

    15. Honeydew melons

    Bhofack2 / Getty Images

    I feel like those get a bad rep cause they're basically the leftover fruits in every bad fruit salads. But honeydew melons are actually pretty good and refreshing. Justice for honeydew melons!

    14. Blueberries

    Fotomaximum / Getty Images

    I mean, sure. Whatever.

    13. White peaches

    Loooby / Getty Images

    I don't know. Why have a white peach when you could have a yellow peach?

    12. Plums

    Tacstef / Getty Images

    Plums are perfectly fine and tasty and they offer a great balance of sweet and tangy. They taste especially good in a cake. But as far as summer fruits go, you can do better.

    11. Raspberries

    Silverjohn / Getty Images

    Both perfectly tart and sweet, raspberries are also worthy of praise for being just so pretty and soft. But who ever craves raspberries? No one. It's just a fruit you enjoy and appreciate when it's around without ever getting out of your way to get some.

    10. Cantaloupe

    Margouillatphotos / Getty Images

    I can see you reading this and thinking "what the hell is wrong with you? Why would you rate this subpar fruit so high?" Here, I have to explain that I grew up in France where cantaloupes are an integral part of summer. We eat them almost every day and pair them with prosciutto and sometimes Porto wine. It's THE BOMB. Now, I haven't found a single good cantaloupe in New York in the past six years. And I know that, like honeydew melons, they're mostly known as a lesser fruit in a mediocre fruit salad on this side of the Atlantic. But believe me when I say, great cantaloupes are life-changing and deserve some recognition.

    9. Nectarines

    Sitriel / Getty Images

    Nectarines are juicy, refreshing, and sweet but they're also just subpar yellow peaches.

    8. Lychees

    Bhofack2 / Getty Images

    Lychees are so annoying to eat. You have to peel them, your fingers get sticky, and then there isn't even that much flesh to eat around the pit. But you know what? All this doesn't even matter because LYCHEES RULE. They're addictive, and offer the perfect balance between sweet and tart. Also, they're awesome in cocktails. What more do you need?

    7. Cherries

    Anna Pustynnikova / Getty Images

    On the one hand, having to spit the pit of each cherry when you eat them is annoying. On the other hand, cherries are delightful and worth all the effort.

    6. Strawberries

    Taras Dovhych / Getty Images

    Strawberries can be hit or miss and those large supermarket strawberries are often tasteless and disappointing. But if you're lucky enough to find great strawberries, what an amazing treat that is.

    5. Apricots

    Valenaphoto / Getty Images

    Apricots are perfect little precious fruits. Their color is beautiful, their skin is so soft and smooth, their flesh is so perfectly sweet. The only problem I have with apricots is that it's hard to find really good ones in New York. But try a great apricot and your life will be changed forever.

    4. Watermelon

    Deenida / Getty Images

    Is there anything more refreshing that a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day? No, there isn't. A great watermelon is a thing of true beauty and one of the best things summer has to offer.

    3. Figs

    Besjunior / Getty Images

    With their honey-like taste and intoxicating smell, figs are a true gift from planet Earth. They are perfect baked in a tart and perfect on their own. They're unlike any other fruits and they deserve all our love.

    2. Mangoes

    Aleaimage / Getty Images

    Mangoes are deliciously sweet with an amazing silky texture, and there are few things in life more delightful than enjoying a perfectly ripe mango.

    1. Yellow peaches

    Bondart / Getty Images

    Yellow peaches are vastly superior to white peaches and they're also superior to most fruits. They're pretty, they're equally delicious raw or baked, and they're so juicy and perfect! Just imagine taking a bite into a sweet, juicy peach while laying in the sun by a pool, in the south of France. That's some picture-perfect summer happiness right there.