22 Reasons Penguins Deserve Your Love


1. Penguins are majestic.

2. And graceful.

3. Soooo graceful.

4. They never give up.

5. And they always get back on their feet.

6. Penguins are friendly.

7. And they’ll always have your back.

8. They’re amazing dancers.

9. They’re light on their feet.

10. They can basically fly.

12. They may be a bit too much into PDAs.

13. But they’re great listeners.

14. They know how to keep comfy.

15. But they can also be adventurous.

16. And they’re never afraid to dive in.

17. They’re great walkers.

18. And even better runners.

19. They have just the right amount of attitude.

20. They’re smooth.

21. And fabulous.

22. It’s decided: They’re absolutely the best!

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