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    12 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making While Cooking Pasta

    Everything you need to know to up your pasta game.

    1. Not using a big enough pot.

    It'll allow you to cook your pasta in enough water so that it can move around freely and avoid clumping up.

    2. Not salting the water.

    3. Not stirring your pasta immediately as it enters the water.

    4. And not stirring the pasta regularly throughout the cooking process.

    5. Not reserving some of the cooking water before draining the pasta.

    If you’re making a sauce, use some of the leftover starchy pasta water to give your sauce a nice silky texture without thinning it out too much. Just save a cup or two of pasta water — and then add it to the sauce a few tablespoons at a time. You probably won’t need the full cup, but better to save too much than not enough.

    6. Not checking if the pasta is done early enough.

    7. Not draining your pasta immediately after it's done cooking.

    8. Rinsing your pasta.

    9. Leaving the pasta to rest in the colander.

    10. Not knowing which sauce to pair which each type of pasta.

    11. Cooking all the ingredients at once when you make a one-pot recipe.

    One-pot pasta cooking is not traditional but if you're pressed for time and want to limit the number of dishes, it can be a great solution. Cooking everything in the same pot doesn’t always mean cooking everything at the same time. Do things in stages to avoid certain things being undercooked, while others are overcooked. For instance, if you’re including a meat, brown it first in a little bit of olive oil with some salt and pepper. Once it’s well caramelized, take it out of the pot and put it back in at the very end.

    12. And not using the best type of pasta for one-pot pasta meals.

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