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    How To Make Restaurant-Quality Risotto At Home

    Patience is key.

    1. Make sure you pick the right rice.

    2. Use chicken or vegetable stock instead of water.

    3. And prep enough stock for your rice.

    4. Bring your stock to a boil in advance and have it warm and ready on the side when you start cooking the rice.

    5. Use a large pot, because the rice will double in size when it's cooking.

    6. Cook your aromatics and let them get fragrant before you add the rice.

    7. Once you add it to the pot, toast the rice — but be careful not to burn it.

    8. For even more flavor, add a splash of white wine before adding the stock.

    9. When it comes to adding the stock and cooking the rice, be super patient.

    10. Then add just enough stock to cover the rice...

    11. ... and stir pretty constantly until the stock is absorbed.

    12. Stop adding the stock once your rice is al dente.

    13. A good test to know if it's ready: If you can pull a spoon through the risotto and it slowly oozes back in place, you're good to go.

    14. Add some Parmesan at the end to make the whole thing even creamier.

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