21 Genius Grandparents' Cooking Tips You Need To Try ASAP

    Sometimes you need to listen to those with a lifetime of experience.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for the most brilliant cooking tips their grandparents taught them. Here are a few they shared with us.

    1. If you're breading chicken, just toss the meat with some breadcrumbs and seasoning in a paper bag to make your life easier.

    2. Always wash your rice before you cook it.

    3. Keep your cookies from going stale by placing a piece of bread in the cookie jar.

    4. Add some brown sugar to your tomato sauce.

    5. Learn the right measurements for the perfect pie crust.

    6. Add rutabaga to your mashed potatoes.

    7. When in doubt, use butter.

    8. Make your casseroles a day in advance.

    9. To get super tender and delicious scrambled eggs, cook them on low heat.

    10. Add vodka to your pie crust to make it flakier.

    11. Spot the perfect watermelon thanks to its color.

    12. Cook your rice in coconut milk.

    13. Sprinkle flour on your bacon to make it crispier.

    14. Smack your cake pan on the counter before baking the cake so the batter spreads out evenly.

    15. Add fish sauce to your scrambled eggs.

    16. Clean as you go.

    17. Use an eggshell to fish out a piece of broken eggshell.

    18. Save your bacon grease.

    19. Add a little bit of powdered milk to your frosting to thicken it without making it sweeter.

    20. Know when to take shortcuts and make your life easier.

    21. Or, you know, burn food on purpose so no one asks you to cook for them ever again.

    What's the best cooking tip you learned from your grandparents? Tell us in the comments below!

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