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    Updated on Mar 10, 2019. Posted on Jul 26, 2016

    19 French Desserts You Need In Your Life

    Because you should always eat dessert first.

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    1. Macarons

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    What it is: Little almond-meringue cookies filled with flavored buttercream.

    Why it's awesome: You can get them in basically every flavor you want. And when they're done right, they're like little bites of heaven melting in your mouth. Recipe here.

    2. French Lemon Pie

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    What it is: A buttery crust filled with lemon curd.

    Why it's awesome: It's refreshing, sweet, and slightly less tangy than its American counterpart (but just as good). Recipe here.

    3. Crème Brûlée

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    What it is: A custard topped with a crisp caramel layer.

    Why it's awesome: There are few things in life as satisfying as cracking the caramel layer of a crème brûlée with the back of your spoon. Recipe here.

    4. Crêpes

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    What it is: Very thin pancakes filled with just about anything you can think of.

    Why it's awesome: They're super fun to eat, and you can accommodate everybody's tastes with all the different fillings — like Nutella, strawberries and cream, or maple syrup. Recipe here.

    5. Chocolate Soufflé

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    What it is: An ~ethereal~ chocolate cake with a crispy crust and a soft middle.

    Why it's awesome: It manages to be both light and rich. (And chocolate is involved, which is always a good thing.) Recipe here.

    6. Madeleines

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    What it is: Fluffy and delightful little buttery cakes.

    Why it's awesome: They’re simple yet addictive, and you can stray from the traditional recipe to create different flavors. Here's a recipe for some lime and hibiscus madeleines.

    7. Chocolate Meringue

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    What it is: A crunchy meringue with chocolate swirls and a slightly chewy inside.

    Why it's awesome: Meringue is already pretty amazing on its own, but add some chocolate to the equation and it's even better. Recipe here.

    8. Clafoutis

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    What is it: A flan-like cake usually filled with cherries.

    Why it's awesome: Soft texture + tart cherries = a truly perfect summer bake. Recipe here.

    9. Tarte Tatin

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    What it is: An upside-down caramelized apple pie, basically.

    Why it's awesome: Caramelized apples and a crispy crust. What more do you need? Recipe here.

    10. Chocolate Mousse

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    What it is: I mean, it's a chocolate mousse.

    Why it's awesome: It's light, rich, fluffy, and chocolatey. (In other words, it's pretty much perfect.) Recipe here.

    11. Dacquoise

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    What it is: A pastry made of layers of whipped cream and hazelnut meringue.

    Why it's awesome: The contrast between the crunch of the meringue and the softness of the cream? It's next level. Recipe here.

    12. Nougat

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    What it is: A candy from Southern France made with honey, egg whites, and nuts.

    Why it's awesome: Variations of this specialty exist all around the Mediterranean Sea. The French version is soft and sweet — and might use pistachios, almonds, or hazelnuts. Recipe here.

    13. Éclairs

    Kristin Rosenau / Via

    What it is: A pastry made with pâte à choux (or light dough), filled with flavored custard and topped with glossy icing.

    Why it's awesome: There's something for everyone: Along with traditional chocolate and coffee éclairs, you can now often find many flavors — like raspberry and pistachios — in French bakeries. Recipe for a chocolate-coffee version here.

    14. French Chocolate Cake

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    What it is: Chocolate cake. Enough said.

    Why it's awesome: Every French household has their own take on this classic. Three signs of a good one? Delicious chocolate, soft cake, and a crispy crust. Recipe here.

    15. Crêpes Suzette

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    What it is: Crêpes flambé in a sauce that's made of butter, caramel, orange, and Grand Marnier.

    Why it's awesome: Because who doesn't love setting a dessert on ~fire~? Recipe here.

    16. Kouign-Amann

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    What it is: A cake from the Brittany region made of sugar-crusted layers of dough and butter.

    Why it's awesome: Butter. Lots of it. Recipe here.

    17. French Apple Pie

    18. Paris-Brest

    Lucy Parissi / Via

    What it is: A cream puff sandwich stuffed with praline-flavored cream.

    Why it's awesome: I repeat: it's a cream puff sandwich stuffed with praline-flavored cream. Recipe here.

    19. Chocolate Pots de Crème

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    What it is: Chocolate cream often served with some Chantilly.

    Why it's awesome: It's creamy AND it's chocolatey — aka everything that's good in this world. Recipe here.