19 People Who Prove Dark Circles Can Be Sexy As F*ck

    Put down that concealer.

    1. It's time to face the truth and accept that dark circles can be hot AF.

    2. You don't believe me?

    3. Just have a look at Mila Kunis.

    4. Dark circles are basically just some natural makeup that underlines your eyes.

    5. They make every single glance much more intense.

    6. And give depth to all of your looks.

    7. Seriously, would Michelle Rodriguez look half as badass as she does without them?

    8. And would Sophia Loren's eyes have been so famous if they had been completely smooth?

    9. Just look at French actress Françoise Dorléac and tell me dark circles aren't cool!

    10. They are not a sign of exhaustion...

    11. They're the proof of a life well-lived and of nights well-spent.

    12. You still don't believe me? Here is Queen Jeanne Moreau, whose stare could make any man bow down in fear and respect.

    13. Dark circles suit women...

    14. And men alike.

    15. (One man in particular.)

    16. Dark circles look hot in black and white...

    17. And in color.

    18. They make you look mysterious and badass and should be worn with pride.

    19. So put down your frozen tea bags and your concealer, because dark circles are hot and it's time for us to embrace them!