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    24 Baked Donut Recipes That Taste Even Better Than Fried

    Easy prep, less mess. Why fry when you can bake?

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    If you've never made homemade donuts before, they can seem intimidating. 🍩

    But they're really not! Especially if you go the easy baked donuts route. Not only does baking (instead of frying) donuts cut down on prep, cleanup, and potential mess, but you'll also find that the end results are just as delicious, if not more so.

    When baking donuts, there are a couple things that are nice to have, though they're not required. With traditional O-shaped donuts, a non-stick baking donut pan can come in really handy. If you're making donut holes, you can bake those on a regular sheet pan or in a mini-muffin tin. If you're making filled donuts, pipe the filling in using a pastry bag with a tip or a Ziploc bag with a corner cut off.

    Here are 21 baked donut recipes to get you started:

    1. Dairy-Free Chocolate Glazed Donuts

    Dairy-free donuts? We can vouch for these: these are delicious. They're divine. And they're bites of donut heaven.

    Recipe: Dairy-Free Chocolate Glazed Donuts

    2. Bacon, Egg, And Cheese Donuts

    If sweet breakfast treats aren't your thing, then these savory twists on a breakfast favorite will tickle your tastebuds and whet your appetite.

    Recipe: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Donuts

    3. Fruity Cereal Donuts

    It's like Froot Loops meets a donut, without the pain of the fryer.

    Get the recipe: Fruity Cereal Donuts

    4. Baked Donuts Filled With Jelly

    These super fluffy donuts allow you to have some fun and to experiment with the fillings. Use store-bought or homemade jelly — or try dulce de leche, vanilla cream, or chocolate-hazelnut spread.

    Get the recipe: Baked Donuts Filled With Jelly

    5. Chocolate Frosted Donuts

    All the best parts of a chocolate donut without any of the frying.

    Get the recipe: Chocolate Frosted Donuts

    6. Nutella-Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

    These are made in a mini-muffin pan — and then you'll pipe the filling in using a pastry bag or Ziploc bag with the corner cut off.

    Get the recipe: Nutella-Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

    7. Lemon Donuts With Lemon Glaze

    Packed with lemon flavor, these donuts are a great breakfast or brunch treat.

    Get the recipe: Lemon Donuts With Lemon Glaze

    8. Chai Baked Donuts

    All the flavors of a perfect chai latte in delicious baked donuts.

    Get the recipe: Chai Baked Donuts

    9. Oreo Donuts

    Oreos in donut form! Serve them with a glass of cold milk for a trip back to childhood.

    Get the recipe: Oreo Donuts

    10. Baked Chocolate Donut Holes

    James Ransom /

    The recipe makes about two dozen donut hole. (But fair warning that they disappear quickly!)

    Get the recipe: Baked Chocolate Donut Holes

    11. Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

    When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a classic.

    Get the recipe: Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

    12. Red Velvet Donuts

    If you want to satisfy your red velvet cravings, these donuts are the way to go.

    Get the recipe: Red Velvet Donuts

    Banana bread donuts on their own are great. But add a maple cream cheese icing and some bacon bits and then they're practically a masterpiece.

    Get the recipe: Banana Nut Bread Donuts With Maple Cream Cheese Icing and Bacon

    14. Chocolate-Coconut Cake Donuts

    Alpha Smoot /

    The coconut milk icing and toasted pistachios on top really take these to the next level.

    Get the recipe: Chocolate-Coconut Cake Donuts

    15. Peanut Butter Frosted Baked Chocolate Donuts

    Is there a better flavor combination than chocolate + peanut butter?? (There is not.)

    Get the recipe: Peanut Butter Frosted Baked Chocolate Donuts

    16. Mocha Cake Donuts

    These mocha treats are ready in less than 30 minutes, making them a great afternoon baking project.

    Get the recipe: Moka Cake Donuts

    17. Maple Glazed Donuts

    If I could maple glaze everything, I would. In the meantime, these donuts will do.

    Get the recipe: Maple Glazed Donuts

    18. Coffee Cake Donuts

    The secret to these coffee cake donuts? A brown sugar and cinnamon crumb topping.

    Get the recipe: Coffee Cake Donuts

    19. Spiced Apple Cider Donut Holes

    All of fall in one bite — and delicious enough to be eaten year-round.

    Get the recipe: Spiced Apple Cider Donut Holes

    20. Blueberry Baked Donuts

    A pinch of cardamom in the dough adds a really nice depth of flavor to these donuts.

    Get the recipe: Blueberry Baked Donuts

    21. Pumpkin Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

    Pumpkin baked goods should be eaten all year long. Just saying.

    Get the recipe: Pumpkin Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

    22. Baked S'mores Donuts

    The frosting here is totally fool-proof — it's just marshmallow fluff heated quickly in the microwave.

    Get the recipe: Baked S'mores Donuts

    23. Nutella Filled Baked Donuts

    Anything that can act as a vessel for chocolate-hazelnut spread is a good thing.

    Get the recipe: Nutella Filled Baked Donuts

    24. Baked Caramel Apple Donuts

    These are glazed with caramel then topped with chopped nuts — which gives you the perfect salty-sweet, chewy-crunchy combo in each bite.

    Get the recipe: Baked Caramel Apple Donuts