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    The 17 American Foods I've Missed Most Since Moving To France

    Mail me some, please??

    Hi! I'm Marie. I'm French, but until last year I lived in the US. After seven years in New York City, I decided to move back home, and while I'm thoroughly enjoying being reunited with all of my favorite French foods, there are some things I've really missed eating since I left the US.

    🍿Here they are: 🍿

    1. Flamin' Hot Cheetos

    2. Tater tots

    3. Ginger ale

    4. Queso

    5. Raisinets

    How I roll at the movies. Put the raisinets in the popcorn is key. #TheHobbit

    I know Raisinets are a very divisive snack, but I just love them. And I love them even more mixed with salted popcorn at the movies (in nondistancing times!). So please give Raisinets the love they deserve, because this French fan wishes she still could.

    6. American bacon

    7. Cheddar popcorn

    8. Thanksgiving food

    9. A dollar slice

    10. A classic diner breakfast

    11. Lobster rolls

    12. Fried chicken

    13. Proper barbecue

    14. Pumpkin bread

    15. Cheesy fries

    16. Cornbread

    17. Bagels with lox and cream cheese