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42 Reasons To Never Visit France

The landscapes are ugly and the food sucks.

1. So you want to go to France and you think it's beautiful?

2. Well, I'm sorry to break it to you but France SUCKS.

3. For real.

4. Everything there is ugly and unremarkable.

5. Don't expect anything to take your breath away because it won't.

6. The landscapes are boring.

7. Even the waterfalls are lame.

8. And don't even get me started on the beaches.

9. They're constantly crowded.

10. And all look the same.

11. The food is so gross.

12. Eww

13. And the bread below average.

14. So are the mountains.

15. Could you BE more generic?

16. Normandy stinks.

17. And the Mont Saint Michel is just a stupid looking village surrounded by water.

18. Alsace is simply ugly.

19. And so is Burgundy!

20. You thought Corsica would be better?

21. Don't waste your time!

22. Corsica has literally NOTHING to offer.

23. And neither has Camargue, by the way.

24. It's just a region devoid of interest and beauty.

25. The architecture in the country is also banal.

26. The castles look cheap.

27. And every building is old and stale.

28. Lyon is like an ugly wart in the middle of France.

29. Lille is pretty much the most hideous place on earth.

30. And Bordeaux has no class.

31. The volcanos in Auvergne are just vile.

32. And don't even get me started on the lake Annecy.

33. Lakes in general in France are just gross.

34. Rivers are lame too.

35. The country has no history.

36. Ew.

37. Gross.

38. The whole thing is just an offense to my eyes.

39. Seeing this crushes my soul.

40. And if you thought that the French Caribbean would be more worthy of your time, you're in for a disappointment.

41. Because it's really just as lame as the rest of France.

42. Seriously, don't bother. Just stay home and don't ever come to France.