29 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Stockholm

    Spoiler alert: Swedes love burgers.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite meal in Stockholm for under 100 kronor (around $12). Here’s what they said:

    1. The vegeterian food from Chutney

    2. The hot dogs at Günters Korvar

    3. The burgers from Phil's Burger

    4. All the food at the Kista Food Court

    5. The Mexican food from La Neta

    6. The falafels at Falafelbaren

    7. The burgers at Flippin Burgers

    8. The Greek food from Farbror Nikos Restaurant

    9. The burgers at Svenska Hamburgerköket

    10. The Chinese food from Beijing 8

    11. The Latin American street food from Jeffrey's Food Truck

    12. The Punjabi food from Punjabi Masala

    13. The Iranian sandwiches from Stockholm Macka — SUNdeVICH

    14. The Middle Eastern food from K-Amida's Kolgrill

    15. The meze and salads from Babel Deli

    16. The herring burger from Nystekt Strömming

    17. The sandwiches from Ostermalms Korvspecialist

    18. The kebab from Palmyra Kebab

    19. The coffee and pastries from Chokladkoppen

    20. The burgers from Bun Meat Bun

    21. The dumplings from Fang Yuan Shi Wu

    22. The burgers from Vigårda Sverige – Mood

    23. The falafels from FLFL in Nytorget

    24. The brunches and avocado sandwiches from Greasy Spoon

    25. The sandwiches from the Love Food Cafe

    26. The salads and the breakfast from Bakverket

    27. The Bánh Mì from Bun Bun Truck

    28. The salads from Café Seg 70

    29. The sushis from Esa Sushibar

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    Some of these quotes have been condensed and edited for clarity.