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29 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Stockholm

Spoiler alert: Swedes love burgers.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite meal in Stockholm for under 100 kronor (around $12). Here’s what they said:

1. The vegeterian food from Chutney

"By far my favorite!! And it is vegetarian."

Submitted by Christiane Candella, Facebook

2. The hot dogs at Günters Korvar

"This Stockholm treat is a large spicy hotdog [you can find] at any street vendor."

Submitted by Emil Lindroth, Facebook

3. The burgers from Phil's Burger

"Best burgers and fries in Stockholm by far!"

Submitted by Rebecca Sjöberg, Facebook

4. All the food at the Kista Food Court

"The food court in Kista (20 minute-train from Stockholm city) offers food from several parts of the world. Most of the dishes are below 100 SEK, and the portions are a lot bigger in the suburbs than in the city."

Submitted by Safwan Uddin, Facebook

5. The Mexican food from La Neta

"A lot of people mentioned La Neta, but yeah, it's that good. 'Mexican food the way it is in Mexico,' according to my (Mexican) Spanish teacher."

Submitted by Jon Alexandersson (and many others), Facebook

6. The falafels at Falafelbaren

"The most well-spent 100 SEK in Sweden is, definitely, the Triple Cheese at Falafelbaren. I almost cry, every time."

Submitted by Stina Arnby, Facebook

7. The burgers at Flippin Burgers

"For great burgers you can go to the amazing Flippin Burgers where you can get a big burger (meat or veggie) for around 100 SEK."

Submitted by Cornelia Billaudel, Facebook

8. The Greek food from Farbror Nikos Restaurant

"Don't forget Farbror Nikos Café on Katarinavägen!"

Submitted by Chrissie Faniadis, Facebook

9. The burgers at Svenska Hamburgerköket

"The best burger place is Svenska Hamburgerköket, at Telefonplan. At lunch you'll be able to (barely) get below 100 SEK, but it's so worth it. These are some of the best burgers I've ever had, and they make great vegetarian burgers. They also serve superb milkshakes and over 50 different beers."

Submitted by Jon Alexandersson, Facebook

10. The Chinese food from Beijing 8

"Beijing 8 in cozy Hornstull! You eat your dinner in a cardboard box — and it's still so good!"

Submitted by Veronica Ruthberg, Facebook

11. The Latin American street food from Jeffrey's Food Truck

"It costs around 90, but it's so worth it!"

Submitted by Bosse Baller, Facebook

12. The Punjabi food from Punjabi Masala

Considered by many as the best Punjabi food in the city.

Submitted by Saima Asif, Facebook

13. The Iranian sandwiches from Stockholm Macka — SUNdeVICH

"I have to mention my new favourite: SunDeVich on Sveavägen, which makes fantastic Iranian sandwiches."

Submitted by Roland Karlsson, Facebook

14. The Middle Eastern food from K-Amida's Kolgrill

"A M A Z I N G!"

Submitted by Farhad JalalVand (among others), Facebook

15. The meze and salads from Babel Deli

Delicious Middle Eastern food!

Submitted by Elin Lawless, Facebook

16. The herring burger from Nystekt Strömming

"The herring burgers from Nystekt Strömming are unbelievable!"

Submitted by Amal Prashanth Charles, Facebook

17. The sandwiches from Ostermalms Korvspecialist

"Östermalm Korvspecialisten! Best sausages in town; there are two veggie options as well. All kinds of meat varieties, something for everyone. :)"

Submitted by hannab4e216620e.

18. The kebab from Palmyra Kebab

"Try Amida Palmyra Kebab in Årsta and you'll be more than satisfied."

Submitted by Christian Hallgren, Facebook

19. The coffee and pastries from Chokladkoppen

"Kladdkaka and a coffee in Gamla Stan at Chokladkoppen is pure heaven ☕️ #fika4life."

Submitted by byzacharym497cc9b88

20. The burgers from Bun Meat Bun

"Great burgers at a great price."

Submitted by Deffman.

21. The dumplings from Fang Yuan Shi Wu

"The dumplings at Fang Yuan Shi Wu on Södermannagatan. 17 for 75 SEK! The owner is the happiest woman on Earth."

Submitted by Dagnygu.

22. The burgers from Vigårda Sverige – Mood

"The best medium-price burger in the city."

Submitted by Micke Kritsotakis, Facebook

23. The falafels from FLFL in Nytorget

"Fantastic falafel."

Submitted by Deffman.

24. The brunches and avocado sandwiches from Greasy Spoon

"Greasy Spoon, on Södermalm, has awesome brunches, and among other things, the best avocado sandwich in town."

Submitted by Maja Lind, Facebook

25. The sandwiches from the Love Food Cafe

"The sandwiches are to DIE for."

Submitted by Deffman.

26. The salads and the breakfast from Bakverket

"The cafe Bakverket on Södermalm has some of the best salads in town. Super-filling and bursting with color :)"

Submitted by Maja Lind, Facebook

27. The Bánh Mì from Bun Bun Truck


Submitted by Helena Terstad, Facebook

28. The salads from Café Seg 70

"There, a very healthy salad + a cappuccino = 100SEK. I had their salad at least 150 times. And the coffee is great too."

Submitted by Stina Arnby, Facebook

29. The sushis from Esa Sushibar

"The Esa Special roll at Esa Sushibar. This place near the Sankt Eriksplan Tunnelbana has some of the best sushi in Stockholm!"

Submitted by Amal Prashanth Charles, Facebook

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Some of these quotes have been condensed and edited for clarity.

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