17 Easy Ways To Save Money On Food And Still Eat Well

    Because there are ways to treat both yourself and your bank account well.

    1. Make a grocery list and actually stick to it.

    2. Stop throwing away food scraps you could use.

    3. Check out coupon apps.

    4. Buy grains, cereal, rice, beans, nuts, and seeds in bulk.

    5. Buy seasonal produce.

    6. It's not for everyone, but meal planning is a great way to predict and control your food expenses for the week.

    7. Buy things on sale and freeze them for later.

    8. Buy whole chickens instead of the expensive packaged cuts.

    9. Or buy a rotisserie chicken and use the cuts in different recipes.

    10. Cook large batches of one recipe and eat it over several days.

    11. Eat less meat.

    12. If you can, grow your own herbs.

    13. Track your food expenses in a journal.

    14. Buy your spices at a spice store.

    15. Skip organic produce if it's on the Clean Fifteen list.

    16. Don't buy pre-cut veggies and fruits.

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    If you're buying precut veggies and fruits, you're probably throwing your money down the drain. Buy whole, cut and prep yourself, and use ziplock bags if you don't want to eat everything in one go. It may be a little more effort but it'll make for more food for less money (and less plastic waste!).

    17. And check out these recipes for more inspiration.

    Let us know what's your go-to way to save money when it comes to food in the comments!