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Which 542 Roommate Are You??

see title.

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  1. What is your Major?

    Econ and Former pre-med (but like nah)
    Business Economics and Accounting (excel)
    Environmental Science (wannabe engineer and tree-hugger)
    Psych and Poli Sci (Future Elle Woods)
  2. What is your favorite TV show?

    When does July 16th come?
    Battlestar Galactica
    Cake Boss
  3. Marriage?

    Sam Hunt
    yes! but not yet
    In a Galaxy Far Far Away
    tbd *creepy giggle*
  4. Drink of Choice?

    Margaritas quench my thirst
    Rhymes with Tim Jeam Bunny
    Kombucha (but mostly for the bottles)
    Chocolate Soy Milk (turn up)
  5. What's your type?

    Short light and average
    probs a fuckboy
    a nice Persian boy
    man bun and sexy arm hair
  6. What are you eating right now?

    Nothing! It's past my bedtime
    Pistachio Halo Top
    Half an apple
    all the beef (substitutes)
  7. What's your ideal first date?

    wii sports and mario kart (I will win!!!)
    stealing doggos
    making a dank salad and watching the office
  8. If you lived in a foreign country, what would it be?

    London, baby!!
    Naboo seems pretty cool
  9. Where are you on a Friday night?

    Warm and cozy in my bed
    on a greyhound
    Volleyball tournament
  10. If we were in a zombie apocalypse and the only food left to eat were the other roommates, which roommate would you eat and why?

    Mar, because she is not short or vegan
    Ali or Mar, because they're not vegan
    Kira. She has bomb ass blue apron food
    Mar, I guess. Do Mar

Which 542 Roommate Are You??

You got: Alena

Only your luckiest friends get to see your true self, Frank. Your favorite place to be is on the couch or in bed. It's always nap time in your world. #Corinne. Don't be alarmed if people bow down to you; you are the Queen of Dragons. You watch an insane amount of dog videos, and your diet consists mainly of fried eggs, avocados, white rice, and fake meat products. If you get a cold, you will be sick for 3 months.

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You got: Marielle

You creep into the apartment about once a week to clean. When one of your roommates is sick you Lysol everything and are nowhere to be found. You love being a ginge (but you have a soul). "Proficient in excel" is probably on your resume. You moonlight as the president of SAE and have been known to push alcohol on those you love the most.

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You got: Kira

Though you be little, you be fierce. Your favorite late-night hobby (and secret talent) is invading other people's personal space while they're trying to sleep. On a Wednesday night, you can be found rushing home from a PAC meeting to go to line dance at Borderline. Every other night, you can be found trying to convince anyone who will listen to come to Stagecoach. Jim Beam Honey Connoisseur and Proud Texan. Wannabe Future Mrs. Sam Hunt.

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You got: Ali

You probably have the Greyhound schedule memorized. Despite your height and Elastigirl-like arms, you can get down when the music is groovy. If you're not munching on apples or carrots, you're probably sipping on a nice IPA. You have been known to adopt a British accent after a few drinks. Go Pack Go!

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