18 Opinions Piers Morgan Has Held

    To recap: Kim Kardashian is both good and bad; so is Kanye West; pop stars are like suffragettes, except when they're not; the jury is still out on Black Lives Matter.

    1. Kim Kardashian is carefree and great.

    2. Kim Kardashian embodies the death of feminism.

    3. People should be protesting against the Saudis.

    My Men's March will start by the Saudi, not US, embassy. We will show our masculine strength by protesting at THEIR treatment of women.

    4. When it comes to the Saudis, you have to be "pragmatic" and "suck it up".

    5. Lily Allen has made good songs and videos.

    Love the songs/videos @lilyallen - the nice bear & the naughty bare one. I realise this may destroy your street cred, but congrats anyway.

    6. Lily Allen will "crack" and appear on TV with Piers Morgan.

    No problem @lilyallen - we both know you'll crack eventually. #LifeStories

    7. Lily Allen is "stupid".

    Can we deport stupid celebrities like Lily Allen as part of the Brexit deal? https://t.co/KBk56XyJCQ

    8. Kanye West is unapologetic and great.

    9. Kanye West is unapologetic and bad.

    Kanye now begging for money? No mate, what you need is an urgent session in self-awareness...

    10. Famous women shouldn't shy away from the ageing process because of people criticising their appearance.

    11. It's fine to criticise the appearance of ageing famous women.

    Oh my God, what the hell's happened to Madonna's face?

    12. Photoshopping celebrities is good.

    13. Photoshopping celebrities is bad.

    14. This piece explaining what "All Lives Matter" gets wrong and defending Black Lives Matter is good.

    Very good defence of #BlackLivesMatter campaign by @BarackObama. Important debate, all voices should be heard. https://t.co/T2Cp60Z2C1

    15. Black Lives Matter is bad.

    It's time #BlackLivesMatter stopped. My new @DailyMail column, posting soon.

    16. All Lives Matter is good.

    ALL lives matter. > RT @marclamonthill ALL black lives matter.

    17. The UK post-Brexit is at risk of becoming a foreigner-hating abyss because of mindless xenophobes.

    I sense a battle for the soul of Britain, post-Brexit. Don't let the mindless xenophobes drag us into a foreigner-hating abyss.

    18. Demonising your political opponents is bad.

    Key lesson from Brexit was surely that overly-demonising opponents helps not harms them. Clinton camp making exact same mistake as Remain.