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    13 Baby Shower Buys That Mums-To-Be Actually Want To Receive

    "Oh, I just bought the cheapest thing on the registry" β€” Everyone but you.

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    So listen, I've had a bunch of babies, which makes me feel semi-qualified to tell you exactly what your sister/friend/cat-sitter wants now that she's about to become a mum.


    And trust me, she does not want you to choose her breast pump.

    If you don't want to be beholden to the gift registry, here are 13 gifts that mums-to-be actually need (and will be thrilled that they don't have to buy for themselves!).

    1. A phone dock that's perfect for the stroller/tiny human mover.

    Amazon / BuzzFeed

    Yes, there is a high probability that your friend will get shamed for using technology around their child ("You use an iPhone?? In front of your baby!?"). But this is parenthood after all, where pretty much everything you do is going to be judged. At least this way, your friend will be able to text you when she needs a break.

    Price: $15.95

    2. The single most attractive, functional nappy bag I've ever encountered.


    I know it seems an exaggeration β€” there are certainly more flashy, designer bags on the market β€” but what they have in looks, they often lack in substance. This little versatile number not only has padded shoulder and stroller straps, but insulated pockets upon pockets to keep baby food and bottles at their ideal temperature.

    Price: $59.99

    3. And some stroller hooks to go with that new nappy bag.


    Yes, it's another stroller accessory. But she's going to be inseparable from that thing for at least a couple of years, so trust me when I say she'll want it kitted out properly.

    Price: $21.37

    4. A swaddling bag, or three.


    Babies have a remarkable ability to crawl out of even the tightest of swaddled blankets. Swaddling bags, on the other hand, ensure that little ones stay tight in their cosy, little burrito all night. Make sure you get more than one ⁠— in case of middle-of-the-night accidents (she'll be in your debt).

    Price: $39.95 per bag

    5. The ever-glamourous, entirely necessary adult nappies.


    I wish that I were kidding. The days and weeks following birth are no walk in the park, so these will trump any of the more glamorous, tech-savvy gifts.

    Price: $51 for a pack of 32.

    6. Some disposable, scented, yes SCENTED, nappy bags.


    When out and about, or away from a bin, where do used nappies go? Take it from someone who has very often had to store a pungent nappy in her stroller/car/bag ⁠— these bags are an often overlooked necessity.

    Price: $8.20 for 36 bags.

    7. A tube of hand cream for hard-working, nappy-changing, baby-rocking hands.

    Thank You Group

    New parents wash their hands a lot. After every nappy change, before every feed ⁠— of which there are many. Ensure their paws stay deeply-hydrated and sublimely scented with this hand cream. Plus, all profits go towards providing clean water and toilets to those in need! Win-win.

    Price: $5.19

    8. A sloped bath seat.


    Why buy a bath seat when one already has a bath? Well, without a bath seat, the parent must attempt to bathe the baby with only one free hand, while the other keeps the baby's head above water level (honestly, it's task). But a bath seat enables the baby's head/neck/torso to safely remain above the soap and suds, giving mum or dad the flexibility to wash baby and wipe the flying soap and water from their eyes.

    Price: $9

    9. A nasal aspirator, for baby's inevitable first cold.


    Yeah, it's not an appealing concept to contemplate. But the alternative is physically sucking the mucus from the baby's nose, so...

    Price: $18.79

    10. Nursing pads that are good for mother (and Mother Nature).


    Should your friend choose to breastfeed, there is a high probability that her breasts will leak in public. Take it from someone who knows, all it takes is a baby crying. Doesn't even have to be hers. Save her (and the environment!), and gift her these reusable bamboo nursing pads.

    Price: $16.99

    11. A bottle brush, complete with stand for easy storage.


    Look, you could get them a fancy electric bottle steriliser. No doubt if you don't, someone else will. But in the middle of the night, when you want nothing more than to go back to bed, a no-fuss bottle brush and some boiled water from the kettle will do the job faster.

    Price: $11.49

    12. A mirror for the car, so baby can always see mum and vice-versa.


    It's near impossible to soothe a baby who can't see you, whilst operating a moving vehicle. Trust me, this is entirely necessary.

    Price: $30

    13. And finally, a baby monitor with a night vision camera.


    Before my first pregnancy, I thought a baby monitor with a camera was a bit, well, much. So young, so naive. My baby was awakened many a night by a creaking bedroom door, all because I had to check in on him in-person and not over a baby monitor. Save your friend the time (and the lost sleep).

    Price: $167