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    13 Things I Wish I Had Packed Before I Went Camping For The Very First Time

    Some creature comforts for the next time you're forced to sleep in the dirt.

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    I recently went camping for the first time and every part of my body hurts. If I go again, I'm taking all of these things.


    1. An inflatable sleeping pad that requires very little of the air from your lungs to function.


    All the movies that show people sleeping on the bare ground, then waking rested and refreshed, are LIES.

    Price: $58.99

    2. Or, even better, an actual cot.


    Imagine my face when I returned home, my back bruised and broken, discovering that I actually didn't have to sleep on the earth itself. Not happy, Jan.

    Price: $214.75

    3. A collapsible solar lantern.


    Useful for when you inevitably forget your portable phone charger and need a light.

    Price: $26.23

    4. And while we're on the topic, how about a portable charger?


    This one seamlessly stows cords away into its body, so you don't have to deal with tangled or bent cords.

    Price: $118

    5. A camping lanyard to hang out your many, many belongings.

    Amazon / Via Amazon

    You try finding your shoes in the middle of the night when you need to take a leak, then tell me that this isn't essential.

    Price: $17.99

    6. An inflatable chair for resting your tush in front of the fire.


    These lounge chairs are much easier to transport and WAY more comfortable than those crappy folding stools your parents loaned you.

    Price: $216.71

    7. A wearable sleeping bag, because why not wear your bedding 24/7?


    From the bedroom, to the barbecue, you've never seen a ~lewk~ more diverse.

    Price: $399.97

    8. A portable pressure shower!


    Give it a few hours in the bush and you'll wish you had a way to wash the stink off you.

    Price: $163.93

    9. A portable toilet, because hear me out...



    Price: $164.86

    10. Water shoes, for all that exploring and nature-loving you will definitely be forced to do.


    So you might not be able to wear them out on a Friday night, but trust me, these shoes are worth it. I tried walking across a stream in thongs and now I have one thong and several battered toes.

    Price: $27.99-$39.99

    11. This should go without saying, but a first aid kit.


    If, like me, you only have a couple of loose Band-Aids at the bottom of your bag. It's probably best be prepared for the (unlikely) worst.

    Price: $54.95

    12. Something to keep the mosquitos away. Because they will come for you, trust me.


    Forget the spray. This device keeps mozzies away using ultrasonic sound, so you no longer have to smell like citronella and feel like you've been painted in glue.

    Price: $69.90

    13. And finally, a waterproof, windproof, apocalypse-proof bag.


    You'll thank me when you're forced to wade through a riverbank en route to the camping site.

    Price: $29.95