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4 Tips On How To Spend A Sweet Valentine’s Day Like In "La La Land"'s Valentine's Day again! But you don't know what to do? La la Land is currently one of the most popular films in cinemas. It fits perfectly into the topic of Valentine’s Day and the film can give you some hints on how to deal with this day, even when you normally don’t like Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, it’s also beneficial for your relationship!

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1. Keep on following your dreams.

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A main theme in the movie is that you should never stop following your dreams!

So, grab a sheet of paper and make to do list of all your hopes and dreams, which you want to fulfil. Each Valentine’s Day, you can add more things or cross out the ones that you’ve already achieved.

2. Be thankful.

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Spend the day with the ones you love!

It doesn’t matter if it’s your partner, a friend or your family. Show them how much you appreciate them and be thankful that they’re always there for you.

3. The best gift is spending time together.

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One important fact is also the time you get to spend with your special someone! The characters in the film don’t think too much about money, they just live in the moment and enjoy their short time together. Therefore, don’t be materialistic. Small gestures and ideas are worth more than any price in the world!

4. There’s not always a happy ending, just live in the moment.

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Oh yes, the little things….!

This is an important message that the movie provides us with, because the story of Mia and Sebastian doesn’t have a happy ending, it’s more of a bittersweet one. Nevertheless, both are trying to avoid thinking about ‘what might happen in the future’.

So, stop focusing too much on ‘what could happen’, it’s better to enjoy and live in the moments together. Even if you hate Valentine’s Day, try to make the most of it and have fun; do new things or just spend a relaxing day at home with the ones you love!

All in all, the movie represents what’s important in life. The characters block out all distractions, focus on the little things in life and enjoy the moments together. This is something we should also do on Valentine’s Day!

Spend a wonderful day with the ones we love and show them how thankful we are to have them!

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