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21 NYC Brunch Dishes That Are Worth Every Penny

Calling all ye hungover.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. The huertas rotos — crispy potatoes, fiery chorizo, and an oozy poached egg — at Huertas.

2. The chicken fried steak — smothered in creamy sausage gravy — at Pies and Thighs.

3. The "South by Southwest" Benedict — served on a crispy corn tamale with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and poached eggs — at Queens Comfort.

4. The cheese toast — with housemade ricotta and apple cranberry compote — at Sunshine Co.

5. The Frita Cubana burger — complete with a sirloin patty, shredded pork, and chicharron — at Coppelia's.

Facebook: Coppelianyc

Why: Because this 24/7 diner lets you pair burgers with chimichurri homefries. (Pro tip: Go for a savory entree so you can finish your brunch-binge-fest next door at The Doughnut Pub.)

How Much: $9.95; other entrées $5.95 to $11.95

Where: West Village I Website and more info

6. The huevos ahogados — served on toast with chorizo, guacamole, and jalapeño hollandaise — at Chavela's.

7. The classic eggs benedict at Tartine.

8. The croque madame — with fried chicken and ham on a bacon-smothered biscuit — at Jacob's Pickles.

9. The fluffy ricotta pancakes at Five Leaves.

10. The grilled crostino — crispy country bread served with mushrooms, Stracchino cheese, and poached egg — at Supper.

11. The classic challah french toast at La Bonbonniere.

Why: Because most, if not all, brunch dishes should be topped with bacon.

How Much: $9 when topped with bacon; other entrées $6.25 to $15.50

Where: West Village I Website and more info

12. The tofu-scramble-stuffed breakfast enchiladas at Champs Diner.

13. The Moroccan benedict at Cafe Mogador.

14. The yuca benedictos — shrimp and yuca hash browns topped with guac, poached eggs, and cilantro hollandaise — at Yuca Bar.

15. The strawberry-mascarpone-stuffed French toast — made with homemade brioche — at The Rabbithole.

Why: Because French toast is better when the brioche is the fluffy, light, and made in-house. (I promise, the occasional twenty minute wait is totally justifiable.) If you need a snack to tied you over until your name is called, hop over to The Bagel Store to carbo-load.

How Much: $12; other entrées $6 to $13

Where: Williamsburg (BK) I Website and more info

16. The baked eggs with avocado at The Smile.

17. The Rev. Al Sharpton — perfectly fried chicken on the waffle of Leslie Knope's dreams — at Amy Ruth's.

18. The winter hash — with black rice, baby Brussels sprouts, and squash — at Dimes.

19. The Nutella-stuffed french toast at Penelope.

20. The fried-egg topped crab cakes at Verboten.

Maria Yagoda

Why: Because it's not a real Williamsburg brunch unless it's in a warehouse.

How Much: $14; entrées $8 to $14

Where: Williamsburg (BK) I Website and more info

21. Literally everything at Nom Wah Tea Parlor.

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