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    27 Things From Amazon With Such Great Reviews, You May Want To Own Them Yourself

    Adorable fall decor, the coziest chair, a cute denim jacket, and 24 other reviewer-loved finds.

    1. A furry chair to cozy up in with a good book and a hot cup o' something. It has extra plush padding for ultimate comfort and comes with 4,000+ perfect reviews that rave about how good it is, so be prepared for it to be your new napping spot, WFH location, and more.

    Reviewer image of the gray chair with pillows on it and lit up garland behind it

    2. A set of two thermal curtain panels that'll dress up your room and keep your home nice and cozy. They also block out light, so you'll get the best night's sleep ever and we all know you can't put a price tag on that.

    Reviewer image of curtain panels on a sliding door

    3. An electric milk frother to make a coffee shop-level beverage in the comfort of your own home, in literally seconds. The frother also comes with a stainless steel stand, so you won't be cluttering the junk drawer with yet another gadget.

    Reviewer image of a mug with froth on the top

    4. A two-pack of pants hangers if your dresser drawers are jam-packed and can't possibly hold one. more. thing. These genius hangers hold five pairs each and can be used horizontally or vertically to make room in your closet.

    Reviewer image of jeans hanging on the pants hanger

    5. An oversized denim jacket that's bound to be your go-to this fall. Pair it with a cute dress and sneakers and you're ready for the approximately 1,364 pics you'll be taking at the pumpkin patch.

    6. A set of three workout bands if you seriously don't feel like hitting the gym, but know your body could use some form of exercise. These come in three different resistance levels so you can get in a complete workout in the comfort of your own home.

    7. A 40-ounce tumbler so you can stay hydrated while leaf-peeping your way through fall. The insulated stainless steel cup keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and best of all, it actually fits inside a car cupholder.

    Reviewer holding the pink tumbler in their car

    8. A stainless steel sink caddy that'll spare you from fishing for a nasty soggy sponge at the bottom of the sink again. The caddy has strong suction cups that secure it in place and it's roomy enough for a brush and multiple sponges.

    Reviewer image of the caddy inside their kitchen sink

    9. A set of two buffalo check pillow covers to add a cozy fall vibe to your home. One great thing about covers? When you want to switch them out for a new season, simply wash and fold them and they'll take up way less space than actual throw pillows.

    Reviewer image of the orange and white throw pillows on black outdoor chairs

    10. A leather conditioner that will magically make your furniture look as good as new. Save yourself the money, and instead of replacing old leather pieces, restore them to like-new condition with this treatment that provides protection for up to six months.

    Reviewer image of their leather chair treated with the conditioner

    11. A puzzle pad if you got into puzzles back in 2020 and have never looked back. The felt pad has a helpful grid pattern and allows you to store a half-finished puzzle instead of having to break it apart because the weekend is over and you actually need the table for work purposes.

    Reviewer image of a completed puzzle on the gray puzzle pad

    12. A toddler night lamp that casts the coolest ceiling shadows and let's be honest, is a totally appropriate room accessory for all ages, because how adorable!!

    13. A 24-pack of microfiber cleaning cloths you can pretty much use to clean any surface in your home. The set has an incredible 4.7-star overall rating from 68,000+ people who say they're the best when it comes to cleaning countertops, stainless steel appliances, glass, and even baseboards.

    Reviewer image of the blue, yellow, and white microfiber cloths

    14. A rechargeable book light so you can read late into the night without disturbing anyone else. Just clip this nifty gadget onto your book and adjust the angle and brightness as needed.

    Reviewer image of the book light attached to the top of a book

    15. A giant spider web decoration if you're already planning how to deck the outdoors for the year's spookiest holiday. What could be better than an oversized creepy crawler on the side of the house?!

    Reviewer image of the spider web on the side of their house

    16. And since we're on the subject of Halloween, a set of 56 reusable bat stickers for a chic take on spooky decor. If you're not into the gory or tacky side of the holiday, these stick-on bats are for you.

    Reviewer image of the bats stuck on the wall around a mirror above a console

    17. A set of 25 clear plastic containers to tackle the mess that is the vanity drawer. The set includes four different-sized organizers that come with little sticky dots for the bottoms to ensure they don't slide all over the place and make an even bigger mess than you had in the first place.

    Reviewer image of the clear organizers used in a bathroom drawer

    18. A hand mixer, bowl, and measuring tool set that every budding baker needs. It includes measuring cups and spoons so you get the ingredient proportions right, five stainless steel bowls to do the mixing, and a handheld five-speed mixer that'll save you from an arm workout.

    Reviewer image of the electric mixer, bowls and measuring tools

    19. A nine-inch pine wood lazy Susan to organize your countertops and add a rustic touch to your kitchen. Use it to corral oils and bottles of vinegar next to the stove or condiments in the pantry, it's a versatile organizing tool you'll find tons of use for.

    Reviewer image of the lazy Susan filled with oil and vinegar bottles

    20. A luxurious scented candle if your collection could use a new addition this season. It has over 7,000 five-star reviews from all the other candle aficionados out there who comment on how good it smells and how beautiful it looks.

    21. A vegetable chopper that you'll seriously wish you would have bought sooner because you'll never shed a tear while "chopping" onions again. This nifty little gadget does all the work for you while saving the Kleenex box, too.

    the vegetable chopper with diced green onions inside

    22. A two-tier organizer if your vanity resembles the aftermath of a volcano explosion. Store everything in these stacked pull-out drawers that'll make you say, "Oh, I have a beautiful marble bathroom vanity?!" Who knew?

    Reviewer image of the two organizer used inside a bathroom vanity

    23. A 14-piece knife set to replace the dull knives that just aren't ~cutting~ it any longer. These come with a handy storage block, include scissors, and the set is available in some seriously cute colors.

    Reviewer image of the pink knife block set on their countertop

    24. And to go with your new knives, a 16-piece cookware set that has garnered over 44,000 five-star ratings. It includes three pans, four lidded pots, a colander, and cooking utensils so you can finally get to that long-forgotten New Year's resolution of cooking more.

    Reviewer image of the red cooking pots on their kitchen countertop

    25. A cable organizer to declutter your desk if its surface is currently hiding under a jumbled mess of tangled cables.

    Reviewer image of multiple cables in the organizer

    26. A slouchy half-zip pullover that's bound to be your fall '23 weekend wear go-to. It's the perfect blend of cute and cozy and looks just as good with your favorite pair of jeans as it does with leggings.

    Reviewer wearing the gray sweater and black bottoms

    27. An under-the-cabinet paper towel holder to save counter space without having to drill any permanent holes. It's super sleek looking and you'll always have paper towels on hand for those inevitable spills.

    Reviewer image of paper towels on holder in their kitchen

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.