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    23 Stunning Pieces Of Home Decor From Target That Won’t Make You Decide Between Style And Practicality

    Including an arched wall mirror, a cozy velvet quilt, and a ficus tree you never have to water.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wood and metal round end table to add an industrial-style touch to your living room and give you a spot to put down your coffee. For just $30, this little table delivers style and function and is available in three different finishes to fit your space.

    the dark brown end table next to a gray sofa

    2. An arched brass wall mirror that'll bounce light around your room, make it appear larger and finally fill that wall that's been bare since you moved in three years ago. The arched shape and shiny metallic finish give it such an elegant look that it will instantly elevate any room it's hung in.

    Brass mirror above styled wood console

    3. An upholstered storage ottoman that'll look great in your living room while also providing a place to stash all the clutter five minutes before your family comes to visit. The padded top is nice and comfy if you want to put up your feet or sit, if you're using the piece as a bench. Versatile, practical and pretty.

    the gray bench shown with the lid partially off

    4. A colorblock throw pillow to add some color and pattern to your sofa as well as a comfy spot to rest your head after one of those days. You know you can never have too many throw pillows and the vibrant hues and soft fabric make this a total steal for just $20.

    the blue, gray, yellow and beige pillow on a gray chair

    5. A decorative coiled rope basket to hold your sunnies, keys and dog leash so they can finally graduate from living on the floor next to the door. Who said organizational tools can't be pretty?! This rope basket with leather handles makes decluttering easy and stylish at the same time.

    Basket with various items in it sitting on a small wood table in an entryway

    6. A ridiculously soft faux fur blanket that will not only look great draped over your sofa, but will also keep you warm now that sweater weather is here.

    7. A cream area rug with a geometric pattern to anchor your furniture and give your feet the softest surface ever to walk on. The medium-pile gives it a nice thickness and the fluffy texture will add coziness to whatever room you place it in. It's so good one reviewer even called it the rug of their dreams.

    the pink, yellow, cream and black rug with a chair on top

    8. A desk lamp with USB ports for a little bit of ambient light and some mid-century flair. Stylish lighting can get seriously pricey which is why this high-end looking lamp is an amazing Target find for just $35. Get. It. Now.

    Desk lamp next to various desk supplies

    9. A four-pack of cotton napkins so you can make every meal, even a last minute Uber Eats delivery, extra special (and have something to dab that pizza grease off your lips). One shopper even said they returned designer brand napkins because this Target set was better and way more affordable.

    White napkins with a eucalyptus stem on black plates

    10. A set of two quilted KitchenAid oven mitts that are so beautiful (yes, we just called oven mitts beautiful) that they totally qualify as home decor (and will keep you from burning your hands). They're made from heat-resistant cotton and have silicone grips for added protection so you can handle that screaming hot cookie sheet without sustaining any burns.

    Two yellow oven mitts next to a baking sheet with shortcakes and a bowl of strawberries

    11. A pretty watercolor shower curtain that'll make even the most outdated bathroom look great while keeping you from flooding the floor every time you shower. The curtain is made from 100% cotton and is super lightweight and durable, which is why it comes highly recommended by hundreds of happy shoppers.

    the floral and white shower curtain

    12. A floating wood shelf with hanging black metal wires for a rustic storage solution. Hang this charming shelf in the bathroom to hold extra toiletries and towels, or in the kitchen to display your spice collection or favorite mugs (how WILL you decide which ones?!).

    Wood shelf with black metal wires

    13. A ceramic soap dispenser that's as pretty as it is practical. Get rid of that flimsy (read: cheap-looking) plastic one and replace it with this textured, brass-head dispenser that will instantly dress up your bathroom sink.

    Textured soap dispenser with brass-toned head

    14. A solid wood nightstand with a white geometric accent drawer for a stylish bedroom piece that also provides storage space for your essentials. If your current nightstand is cluttered with books, lip balm, charging cords and three different hand creams, now you'll finally have a drawer to stash it all in.

    15. A woven bench that will add a warm and welcoming accent to your entryway and give you a spot to sit and tie your shoes. The woven seat detail is absolutely gorgeous and makes the bench feel like a way more expensive designer store purchase. Target for the win, always and forever.

    Woven bench with a pillow on it, next to a floor plant

    16. A modern ceramic vase that looks like a pricey vintage find from a cool flea market — at least that's what you can tell your friends who ask about it. Use it to display seasonal stems and greenery or to style a console or coffee table. It's one of those great neutral pieces you'll use for years to come.

    Ceramic vases, one filled with red stems, on a window sill styled with fall decorative items

    17. A tapered corner hamper so you can get your laundry off the floor and into something a little more stylish than a plastic basket. The corner fit, removable liner and lightweight construction make it super practical, so you may not even dread laundry day anymore, and that's saying something.

    Laundry basket in a corner with a pink towel draped over the top

    18. A round wood and wire tray to serve coffee and breakfast pastries in style. It's so multifunctional that you can use it to serve food, on your ottoman coffee table, or to hold extra skincare products in your bathroom. It'll look great and be practical anywhere!

    Tray with mugs and breakfast pastries on it

    19. An aluminum beverage tub so you don't have to chill drinks in a not-so-cute cooler that's all stained from last year's camping trip. The hammered finish adds a nice touch, and the handles make it easy to carry, whether you're hosting a fall bonfire for the fam or a wild party.

    Silver tub filled with ice and bottles

    20. A round acacia wood bowl to add a rustic farmhouse-style touch to your kitchen table. Reviewers say they love it because it can hold a ton of fruit (so you can keep buying more at the farmers market every weekend) but also adds a great decorative accent.