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    26 Simple Home Updates From Bed, Bath, & Beyond You'll Wish You'd Bought Ages Ago

    Small updates that make big differences.

    1. A rolling three-tier utility cart to add an elegant storage solution to your bathroom, kitchen and any other room that totally lacks in the "places to put stuff" department.

    White cart filled with bathroom items next to a vanity

    2. A stainless-steel sink caddy that'll keep your sink area clean and clutter-free. It has drain holes so you never have to worry about mildew or bacteria building up inside, and the sleek design will add a stylish touch to even the ugliest dish brush.

    Sink caddy filled with brushes and sponges next to sink

    3. A 10-piece glass storage container set so you can actually see the leftovers in your fridge, instead of rummaging through countless paper takeout containers. The set is 100% airtight, totally leak-proof and microwave-safe, and the glass bottoms are oven-safe, too, so they actually double as bakeware! Which means fewer dishes to wash, which is always good news.

    4. A top of the line Breville smart oven and air fryer that can literally do it all — you can use it to toast a bagel, air fry wings and bake a pan of brownies. Your other appliances are about to start collecting dust, because this will literally be the only one you ever need from here on out.

    Cinnamon rolls in a pan inside oven

    5. A set of two expandable drawer organizers so you can finally deal with the hot mess that is your sock drawer. It'll save you not just space but also time, since you won't have to spend an extra 10 minutes emptying the drawer, just to find that one pair of socks (you know, the one with the little manatees on them?)

    Expandable organizers shown separating socks and underwear in a drawer

    6. A three-pack of Scrub Mommy sponges that are wildly popular, and for good reason. They don't scratch, their texture adjusts to water temperature and let's face it, the smiley faces are pretty cute.

    Three pack of sponges

    7. A cordless electric wine bottle opener that opens vino at the push of a button so you don't have to struggle with tough corks ever again. One reviewer said that they've had this up for up to 10 years and it still works like the day they bought it — that's $19.99 well spent, wine lover. 🍷

    Wine bottle opener sitting in charger

    8. A 14-inch pre-seasoned cast-iron pan so you can sear steaks to perfection or bake delicious, bubbly cobblers. If you don't already own a cast-iron pan, get this one — it's a total steal for just $40, and you'll soon wonder how you lived without it.

    Black cast iron pan

    9. A handy storage basket that's made of plastic but styled to look like wicker, to hold random bathroom items or corral baking supplies in your pantry. These come in three different sizes and various colors, are super affordable and offer the perfect way to create some much needed organization in your home. Hello, easy weekend project!

    10. A blackout window curtain panel because you deserve to not be blinded by the sun every morning. These reviewer-favorite panels have over 1,000 5-star reviews and are popular because of how well they block out light, their excellent quality and high-end look. Are you ready to actually sleep past 6 a.m. on the weekend? Then give these a whirl.

    11. A stainless steel Breville espresso machine that will practically pay for itself will all the money you'll save on those random coffee runs. Plus, you'll be super proud of your new-found professional-level barista skills. Have some guests over and show 'em your best latte art!

    Espresso machine on a counter next to coffee products and other kitchen items

    12. An expandable wall-mounted organizer for all your brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies that clutter the floor and fall over every time you walk by. Get them out of that weird corner where they're all leaning in a reall precarious way, and keep them neatly organized with this sturdy hanger.

    Various cleaning tools hung up on organizer

    13. A 24-pocket over-the-door shoe organizer if your entryway can't handle one more pair of shoes. Hang this space-saving organizer on the inside of a closet door and never trip over that pile of old sneakers again.

    Gray shoe organizer hanging on the inside of a closet door

    14. A Dyson cordless stick vacuum to clean those tough-to-reach spots that haven't really seen a thorough cleaning since you moved in. Don't worry, we've all been there. This one has multiple settings and can quickly transform into a handheld for quick clean ups, too.

    15. A 16-pack of slim nonslip hangers if you're finally ready to upgrade from those mismatched, half-broken plastic hangers you've had since your first day of freshman year. These will streamline your closet, making room for extra items, and the nonslip padding means you won't constantly have to pick up fallen shirts off the floor.

    Set of hangers

    16. An elegant upholstered storage bench that'll look great at the foot of the bed or in your entryway. Use it to store extra pillows, blankets, seasonal accessories or shoes, all while adding an elegant decorative touch to your home.

    17. A compact accordion drying rack for all those shirts you now know can't go in the dryer (RIP, cute silk buttondown). Forget the huge fold-out dryers that take up half an apartment and get this sturdy $30 rack that you can easily put in a bathroom or bedroom corner and forget about.

    Clothes hanging on dryer rack

    18. A socket shelf if your battery is always running low because you never never remember to plug your phone in. With this shelf, you can easily charge your phone while you get ready, watch videos to help you nail that cut crease, or just watch a little Yellowjackets while you brush your teeth.

    19. A soft microfiber sheet set to give your bedroom a little spring refresh. This set comes in 14 different colors and patterns, so whether you're looking for serene, neutral bedding or a bold pop of color, there's one here for you.

    20. A quick-drying cotton bath towel because it's time to replace those ratty old towels that barely do their job anymore. If you've been on the hunt for new bath linens, these towels are exceptionally soft, super absorbent and stay fluffy even after many washes.

    Towels in various colors

    21. A set of six wireless puck lights that you can easily install under the cabinets to bring your outdated kitchen into the 21st century. The best part is that the lights have dimmers and a remote...things are about to get *fancy*.

    22. An over-the-door towel bar so your kitchen towel finally has a designated home and you don't have to start a search and rescue mission every time you need to dry some dishes.

    Towel bar with striped kitchen towel on a wood cabinet door

    23. A rolling clothing rack to hang clothes, store bags and add storage space (and who among us couldn't use a little more storage space?). Use it for every day items that just don't fit into your tiny closet or four microscopic dresser drawers. Or place it in the basement (if you have one) to hold seasonal items like coats and snow gear and keep them out of the way out of season.

    Rolling rack filled with clothes in a room

    24. A two-bag laundry sorter that will make laundry day so much easier. You can say goodbye to the pre-laundry ritual of pawing through your dirty clothes to sort colors and whites into two big (and, let's be honest, stinky) piles.

    Black laundry sorter

    25. A sleek stainless-steel step trashcan to upgrade the small plastic basket under your sink that constantly needs to be emptied. You'll thank yourself every day that you got this.

    26. A metal wall organizer with hooks so you always know where your keys are. And if you're someone who is constantly losing theirs, this little shelf is a game changer that will save you *so* much time and stress.

    Organizer filled with accessories and keys and a scarf hanging on hooks

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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