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    25 Products From Beauty Pie With Such Good Reviews You May Want To Test Them Yourself

    With reviews *this* good, you should give these (always cruelty-free!) products a try.

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    1. A jar of Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Moisture Body Creme is the luxurious moisturizer you'll need in your life this fall. Infused with softening hibiscus flower oil and nourishing shea butter, this product is suitable for all skin types and will immediately make your skin feel softer. With over 2,000 5-star reviews, you need to find out for yourself!

    Open container of body creme showing the consistency of it.

    2. A six-pack of silk scrunchies so you never have to deal with kinks, split ends or hair breakage again! These beautiful 100% silk scrunchies are available in two chic colors and conveniently come in a cute pouch that you can throw in your purse!

    3. A tube of Futurelipstick Luxe Shine that is a lipstick, balm and gloss all in one little package! This creamy, super moisturizing lipstick is enriched with coconut and avocado oils and will get rid of those chapped lips while infusing them with long-lasting color and shine.

    4. A jar of Superluminous Undereye Genius – it'll become your best friend once you see the dark circles under your eyes disappear. This little pot of magic reduces puffiness, minimizes lines and visibly brightens your under eye area, making it a must-try Beauty Pie product.

    Open containers of product showing two different shades.

    5. A Super Healthy Hair Coconut Water Heat Shield Blow Dry Spray that will help you get the DIY blow dry of your dreams! If you've spent years damaging your hair with heat styling tools, this spray is exactly what you need to get the shine, volume and bounce back. Apply before blow-drying or heat styling to increase hydration and prevent breakage.

    Spray bottle and pink packaging.

    6. A bottle of Everyday Great Skin Foundation to provide flawless, matte coverage without any caking. The lightweight foundation looks natural and stays put all day. No more splotchy orange lines or clogged pores thanks to this oil-free, fragrance-free and parabens-free formula!

    7. An Arch-ology Tinted Eyebrow Sculpting Gel that is the only all-in-one brow tool you need. This easy-to-use brush tints, thickens, sculpts and builds your brows, whether you're going for a softer look or full-on David Rose.

    8. An everyday One Palette Wonder to be the only palette you ever need again. It has it all — bronzer, highlighter, blush, *and* eyeshadow. This beautifully curated collection comes in warm and cool neutrals, and contains long-lasting, super pigmented matte and shimmer powders. Create a gorgeous smoky eye and give your skin an effortless glow all with this one product!

    9. A Triple Hyaluronic Acid & Lipopeptide Serum that will give you a dewy glow no beauty sleep could ever duplicate. As Beauty Pie's most popular hydrating and wrinkle-fighting serum, this holy grail product smooths and hydrates and is sure to become a daily skincare staple!

    Pink serum bottles

    10. A lightweight Wondercolour Longwear Cream Shadow Stick to give you buildable coverage without creasing or smudging. It stays on for up to eight hours and is fade- *and* water-resistant. In other words, it's the perfect eyeshadow (and there are over 1,000 5-star reviews to prove it)!

    11. A bottle of Super Healthy Hair Detox Wash Shampoo that deep cleans your hair and restores its natural shine, volume and bounce. Formulated with activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar, Moringa seed peptides and ColourPlus Amino Acids, this clarifying shampoo should be used at least once a week to get rid of all the product buildup (there's more of it than you think!) in your hair.

    Shampoo container and three blobs of shampoo

    12. A Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion – it's the perfect everyday moisturizer. Apply this light, fragrance-free moisturizer on your face and neck every morning to feel its wrinkle-reducing, anti-inflammatory and energy-boosting benefits!

    13. A bottle or two of Wondercolour Nail Polish that will make your nails look like you just got a professional mani-pedi. This coconut oil-infused glossy nail polish is chip-resistant and quick drying, and perhaps best of all, free from seven toxic chemicals that are found in most other polishes.

    14. A Wondergloss Collagen Lip Oil to give your lips a sheer hint of color and shine while dousing them with a nice dose of hydration! There are six beautiful shades to choose from, all of which are infused with hibiscus and cherry oils as well as natural antioxidants.

    15. A bottle of Mandarin Leaf, White Cedar and Freesia Perfume for a sophisticated, clean fragrance that you'll want to wear every day. Featuring notes of leafy mandarin, black tea and fresh freesia, this long-lasting perfume will instantly become your signature scent.

    Perfume bottle in front of orange colored background.

    16. A bottle of JapanFusion Genius Lift Elixir that is the essential product your skincare arsenal is missing! Add a couple of drops into your toner or serum and feel its instant effects. Your skin will feel dewy, hydrated and plump, all thanks to this member-favorite product.

    Three pink bottles of product, two opened with pipettes showing the liquid substance.

    17. A Double-Sided Zip-Around Makeup and Brush Case – it's hands down the best makeup bag around. The case is super spacious, has a separate compartment for your brushes and the clear exterior allows you to see exactly what's inside without you having to rummage through the whole bag every time you need a lipstick!

    18. An Oxygen Instant Facial Refuelling Mask that is the pick-me-up your skin will thank you for! This miracle product was created to brighten, moisturize, re-energize and clarify skin in just 15 minutes. If your complexion is in desperate need of some TLC, add this to your cart *immediately.*

    19. A three-pack of Double-Sided Organic Cleansing & Exfoliating Cloths – they have one textured side that gently scrubs and another muslin side that softly polishes and finishes. A reviewer-favorite product, these will make every DIY facial feel so much more spa-like!

    Clear package containing three white cloths.

    20. A Pro Angled Concealer Brush that is ideal for applying concealer and foundation, giving you a seamless finish. The angled head and soft bristles make contouring and covering super easy, which is why this will definitely be your new favorite makeup brush!

    21. A Supercheek Elastic Powder Blush to give your cheeks the perfect amount of color with its ultra-high pigment formula. This weightless creamy blush is exceptionally blendable and made from clean, vegan (and cruelty-free, of course!) ingredients.

    22. A Shine Up Lip Color Balm Stick that has just the right amount of color and shine while giving your lips some much needed nourishment. From a deep berry color to a soft nude, this super popular balm comes in six shades, soothes and softens lips, and is so good you'll never leave the house without it!

    23. A jar of Superactive Capsules Pure Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum – it's an epic daily vitamin cocktail for your skin. Its unique formula helps smooth, firm and brighten while minimizing fine lines and evening out skin tone. The little capsules are 100% biodegradable. All you need to do is twist off the top, tap the serum onto your face and neck, and let it work its magic!

    24. A Clean House Luxury Scented Candle that is an alluring blend of lavender, freesia and magnolia flowers. Bound to elevate the feel of your home, it was handcrafted in France and will take your candle obsession to a whole new level!

    25. A tub of Soul Providers Re-Energizing Dry Oil Sugar Scrub – it's the ultimate body scrub according to reviewers. Made with grapefruit, lemongrass, black pepper and apricot essential oils, this luxurious exfoliant will leave your skin feeling silky smooth after just five minutes and is the at-home spa treatment we all deserve!

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