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    If Your Pet Is Officially Part Of The Senior Community, You Should Check Out These 25 Chewy Products

    Make your furry friend's golden years their *best* yet.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An insulated plaid puffer coat to keep your furry friend warm and cozy (and stylish, of course!) through fall and winter. You can explore the great outdoors together even when the weather gets chilly thanks to this coat's waterproof exterior, soft fleece lining, and leash opening.

    2. A cozy orthopedic quilted sofa bed for both cats and dogs so your older pet has a comfortable spot to curl up for a long afternoon nap! This bed has a medical-grade orthopedic base, a removable cover (an absolute must no matter how old your pet is!), and three side bolsters that provide extra support. Sweet dreams guaranteed!

    3. A tub of Greenies feline dental treats to keep those purr-ly whites sparkly clean! These chicken flavored treats help clean teeth, and reduce tartar buildup and freshen your cat's breath (hooray!).

    4. A car ramp for senior dogs so your pooch can still easily get in and out of the car for all those fun trips to the park! The lightweight construction makes this an easy to maneuver accessory and the high-traction surface ensures safety and an easy climb for your precious pooch. Get ready for a paw-fect day out!

    5. A set of foldable nonslip stairs to ensure that your buddy can always get to their favorite spot on the couch or bed! Every step has a nonslip pad to help paws get a good grip and prevent slipping. Plus, it's lightweight so you can easily move and store it.

    6. A senior dog supplement for hip and joint health that comes in the form of duck-flavored (mmm gourmet!) soft chews. Help your older pup keep a spring in their step with these Mobility Bites that help maintain the health, resiliency, and flexibility of their aging joints.

    7. A variety pack of Purina Fancy Feast gourmet cat food to make every meal easy to eat digest! If your senior cat has lost teeth as a result of aging, switching over to wet food like these "Gravy Lovers" cans will make mealtime much more comfortable. Black tie optional for this fancy feline feast!

    8. A Thermo-Kitty bed with a hood because your cat needs a warm, snuggly (and snazzy — look at leopard print! ~Meow!~) spot to sleep. This soft micro-fleece bed has a dual thermostat in its pillow base that warms the surface so it's nice and toasty when your kitty gets in.

    a reviewer photo of a striped grey cat laying on its back in the bed

    9. A Kong rubber toy specifically designed for senior dogs to help with your pet's aging teeth and gums. Not only does this super-popular toy provide a comfortable chewing outlet, it helps relieve boredom and separation anxiety, especially if you fill it with their favorite treat! Peanut butter, cheese, pumpkin — you name it!

    10. A bag of Greenies peanut butter–flavored Pill Pockets, so you can turn medicine time into treat time. If you have a senior dog, chances are they're on several prescriptions that they do not want to take. Enter Pill Pockets! Insert the pill into this little treat pouch, pinch it shut, and it will disguise the taste and smell of those yucky pills!

    11. A yellow banana catnip toy to keep your senior cat busy and entertained. Each banana is hand sewn and filled with 100% organic catnip, making it the perfect toy for your cat to scratch and bite! With close to 5,000 5-star reviews, this is a Chewy customer favorite!

    12. A classic cable-knit sweater for a cozy night in! Made to fit dogs and cats, it comes in five different colors and is easy to put on thanks to the pullover design. Time to cuddle up, buttercups!

    13. A padded harness to provide full-body support for older doggies without straining their joints or your back (you know how important that is if you have a 70-pound pooch)! Help your buddy go up steps or get in the car with this super-comfortable, fully adjustable, and machine-washable harness.

    14. A dog selfie stick smartphone attachment for all the memories you still have to capture with your best friend! With a tennis ball perched on top, simply attach to your phone and get the cutest photos with your dog actually looking AT the camera for a change.

    Model with dog holding pooch selfie stick.

    15. A colorful bird teaser cat toy to help your elderly cat stay mentally and physically fit. The colorful feathers, crinkle material, and Canadian catnip will be a huge hit and the perfect way to get some bonding time in while providing your cat with exercise.

    16. A Purina ProPlan probiotic supplement powder that supports your older dog's digestive health (and reduces gas!) thanks to the antioxidants and live microorganisms that it contains. This supplement comes in a handy pouch, so all you need to do is sprinkle it into your dog's food.

    17. A set of elevated dog bowls so your pet can gobble up their dinner comfortably without any joint strain. No more messes all over the floor with these raised walls that will contain any food or water that spills over, keeping your dog's eating corner neat and tidy.

    18. A bag of grain-free oven-baked biscuits because no matter their age, every dog loves a good treat! These crunchy and nutritious snacks come in various flavors including peanut butter, lamb, and salmon, and with over 2,000 5-star reviews, they are a guaranteed hit!

    A flat lay showing treats, package and ingredients.

    19. A faux-fur cat tree and condo that gives your cat a spot to play as well as rest. The private kitty apartment is lined with soft, plush fabric (how luxurious!) and provides the perfect spot for a long, peaceful snooze!

    20. A wild Alaskan salmon oil to keep your pet's coat shiny and oh so pettable! This supplement for dogs and cats is packed with powerful omega-3 fatty acids for skin health. Just a teaspoon of this tasty liquid added to their regular meal ensures that their coat is healthy and moisturized.

    21. A self-cleaning brush because your senior cat may need a little extra grooming these days. The gentle stainless-steel pins ensure that it's soft on your kitty's skin and once you're done brushing, just push the button to retract the pins so all the hair falls out. Your cat and the brush are both clean with a minimal mess and minimal effort!

    22. A cooling pet pad so you never have to worry about your buddy overheating on scorching-hot days. No need to refrigerate or plug this pad in — as soon as your pet's paws hit it, the cooling effect starts and lasts for hours. It's especially great for senior dogs suffering from hip dysplasia as the cooling provides soothing comfort.

    reviewer photo of dog laying on mat

    23. A bag of Blue Buffalo's Life Protection Formula for senior dogs to support healthy muscle maintenance and energy. Packed with real meat, garden veggies, and whole grains, your pup will love this chicken-and-rice recipe that's filled with vitamins and antioxidants.

    24. A tube of Bag Balm moisturizer to soothe and protect your dog's nose, paws, and sensitive spots. If your pet's skin is starting to get cracked, chafed, or damaged, rub on this alcohol-free, sting-free formula to prevent licking and support quick healing. No more sad looking paws with this incredible Vermont-made balm.

    25. A pack of super-absorbent potty pads if your buddy starts having accidents around the house. The quilted top is fast drying and prevents tracking. Plus, the built-in scent attracts dogs and cats so they take care of business in a designated spot instead of under the dining table.

    Dog on potty pad.

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