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17 DIY Decor Ideas For The Ultimate Man Cave

Are you dreaming of transforming that spare bedroom, basement or garden shed into the man cave you know you’ve always deserved? Check out these DIY ideas for the ultimate man cave.

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1. A pallet bar

Stacked Design / Via

The most important feature in any man cave is the bar, so if you can get your hands on some pallets, creating a one-of-a-kind bar will make you the envy of all your friends. Get the instructions here.

6. A Jack Daniels soap dispenser

DIY Projects / Via

When real men wash their hands they do it with a Jack Daniels soap dispenser. Making your own is as easy as removing the pump from a regular soap dispenser and attaching it to a whiskey bottle of your choosing.

8. Tree stump side tables

The Art of Doing Stuff / Via

If you don't have cinder blocks at hand but still want to make a statement with your side table, tree stumps might be right for you. You can add legs and finish the wood like in this tutorial, or you can just go full man cave on it and set it down on the ground.

9. A pallet lounger

Pallet Furniture Plans / Via

If you're on a budget but still want to chill in style, a pallet lounger is just the thing. There are endless varieties when it comes to pallet loungers and sofas, but here are some ideas to get you started.

10. A pallet coffee table

Guide Patterns / Via

If the recycled car tire coffee table seems like too much work, a pallet table is a lot more straightforward to make. As an added bonus, it will match nicely with your pallet lounger and bar.

12. Penny floor

Imgur / Via

If you're looking a more original way to tile your floor, why not use pennies instead of tiles? All you need is thousands of pennies and lots of patience. Easy right? Get the instructions here.

14. A bottle cap mosaic


Once you've saved up enough bottle caps, you can get creative and put together a master piece. Bottle cap mosaics can be used for everything from decorating tables to catchy signs and even wall art. Find some inspiration here.

15. A gas can speaker set

Instructables / Via

If regular speakers just wouldn't do your man cave justice, this gas can speaker set is for you. It's a bit more technical than most of the projects on this list, but fortunately these instructions are pretty detailed.

17. A license plate lamp

A Crafty Mix / Via

If skateboarding isn't really your thing, perhaps this lamp made from license plates and galvanized pipes would be more at home in your man cave. Find detailed instructions here.

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