A Guide To Papillons, The Most Underrated Of French Imports

Their name means butterfly in French so really, what’s not to love?

1. This is a Papillon.

2. Their name means “butterfly” in French because of their ear shape.

3. This type of Papillon with the drop ears is called a Phaléne (French for “moth”).

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

4. Seriously, look at those ears.

5. It’s probably why they’re such good listeners.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

6. Their origins and history are traced back to 1500 through art, when Italian artist Tiziano Vicelli included many Papillons in his famous paintings.

7. They come in a range of color combinations, including black, white, lemon, brown, fawn, red, and sable.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

8. They’re also known for their happy demeanor.

9. This is what they look like wet.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

10. And as puppies.

11. Kids love them and they love kids!

12. They know how to throw shade.

13. And give a mean side eye.

14. Their street style is flawless.

15. They’re always down to play…

16. and are extremely athletic.

17. Papillons can live up to 17 years…

18. Which means many years of companionship and Papillon love.

19. And nothing can beat that!

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