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An Open Letter To President Obama

An open letter to Barack Obama to thank the president for what he accomplished during his eight years in the Oval Office.

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I would like to say thank you for being such an incomparable leader.

You have taught me so much about strength during your time in office that I honestly cannot thank you enough.

You are a role model for me and many others in our country, and though I am sad to see you go, I know that your legacy will live on, and you will excel in whatever you do next. I am grateful for the time that we have been able to be led by you as our commander-in-chief.

I appreciate you for being such an inspiration of revolution and giving us a sense of hope. You helped shape our country and lives, showing us how to transform feelings, break barriers, and succeed. I really appreciate being able to see a man that look like my father, a man that has the features of my uncle, a man that looks like me and my people, leading my country. For my people, you are a new level of excellence- you are our role model. You are a blessing in our lives. It made us proud to be able to say, “My President is a black man.”

Thanks for being our President, but even more so, thanks for being a role model. We appreciate all the knowledge and inspiration you've imparted to us. You came into our lives when the country was at its lowest. You made us feel like yes we could, when we needed the most encouragement to forge ahead. Your leadership and courage to lead our nation through such a time of despair means a lot to us. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have lived through the era of your administration.

Since you were sworn into office back in 2009, the quality of your leadership skills made it easy for you to guide our nation- even with all of the unending resistance you faced from the opponents. I am proud to have recognized the strength within you. Words can neither qualify nor quantify how life changing your being president has been.

I would like to show my profound gratitude for the changed that I have witnessed from your very first victory speech- that offered every person in the nation a chance of hope- throughout your entire time in office. At the time you took office, our country was in the worse economic position that it had been in decades. By bringing back the automobile industry, establishing worker rights, and helping lower the unemployment rate, your policies were the course the country needed.

Please accept this thank you for your accomplishments. Through the passage of Obamacare, I for the first time in a long time, was able to access proper health care. You took out the most notorious terrorist Bin Laden. You secured the Iran nuclear deal. You opened the relations with the US and Cuba again. You brought the end to two long wars. You have led us through the aftermath of dozens of mass shooting incidents throughout the country. You legally defined LGBT rights and marriage equality. You raised the education values through increased enrollment for high school and college.

Within our country, you inspired hope, and you led change. I admire you. With a 60% approval rating, among the highest of any President leaving office, it is evident, the country admires you, as well. We admire you for your performance, but we also admire you for sharing your loving family, First Lady Michelle Obama, and your beautiful daughters, Sasha and Malia with us.

You have been a prodigious leader, mentor, educator, and commander. Your support and advice has helped shape our country into what it is today. The success you had in your administration is due in no small part to chance, but better yet by your attitude of perseverance. Through your support and encouragement, you made us realize that yes we can. Because of, I appreciate you and value everything that I have learned from you.

Mr. President, thank you for your extraordinary service to the people of the United States of America; I bid you farewell.

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