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5 Tips To Survive Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is approaching and you are single this year, or you just don’t like this day ? Don’t panic! Here are 5 tips to survive on Valentine’s day.

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1. Eat whatever you want


Down with your great principles of healthy diet. Have fun. Eat a fast food like never before, order all the pizzas you never dared to order! Do yourself a favor, it's time, you have a (fake) excellent excuse!

2. Call your single friends

Check before your friends are in the same mood as you ... It would be a shame if one of her spends the evening talking about her ex-boyfriend. If you are on the same wavelength, apply the first tip and watch a romantic comedy or a horror movie…

3. Find an occupation


If you are alone, find yourself an occupation that you really like. Watch a movie or an old series. Take a jog, take a bath, go to a concert… take care ! Have fun !

You can also spend the day in bed with your cat if you want, but please, don’t mumble "I'm tired of being alone".

4. Be positive!


This celebration has (really) been invented for marketing. Tell yourself that you will save money. And why not use this money to make a gift to yourself? New shoes, new hairstyle and beauty treatments, nothing better than a good makeover to feel good!

5. Slander your ex


Last, but really last! You could comfort yourself by slandering your ex. If it does you good, why not. You can even do it with friends. It's always funnier, isn’t it?

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